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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Monday's are Tough


Mondays I typically try and do the entire house, so I can enjoy it the rest of the week.   Didn't happen.  I started out making egg/sausage/cheese and chickpea tortilla quesadillas for breakfast (next time will add jalapenos), cooked up ground beef for sloppy joes and had a mountain of dishes after that. Dinner was crock pot sloppy joes on Ezekiel bread and sweet potato fries (baked).

Laundry got started, but our mower guy arrived, so I couldn't put it on the clothesline.  I started on floors, but had to do other stuff too.  Just hard to keep up with.  I haven't even checked the garden yet.

I got another corner area of the upstairs carpet shampooed, but when Daughter E moved out she left trash and belongings.  Good luck getting her to come and clean it up, so guess who is doing it?  Yep.  Me and my husband.  I am gonna have one big party when the last one moves out.  These kids, and I didn't raise them that way, are so selfish and lazy right now.  

Anyway, it was stinkin' hot yesterday.  I'm glad I don't have a lot in the garden to deal with right now, but I may be canning this week.  


Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

We are battling Heat too. My son left for college and a mess too. But Dad taking it over for an office.

Debby Flowers said...

HI Kristina, I haven't commented for a long time but still checking your blog whenever I find the time. I know what you mean about kids - I love mine to pieces but sometimes they are very inconsiderate when they leave their trash and debris around. Take care!

Kristina said...

Lisa, I'm taking over the upstairs room for storage of my yarn and extra blankets, but there is so much to remove yet.

Kristina said...

Debby, that is true. The other daughter living here has a friend over from time to time, and her friend leaves trash behind. Kids!

Anne said...

I know what you mean about kids, but be careful. Our 45 year old son lived with us. And could quite often leave a mess. Or not be as helpful as I would have liked. Or be ready to help others before his father and me. But he died unexpectedly on June 1st. And I would give anything to have the mess and the frustration back.

Kristina said...

Anne, true, but in the same sense I'd like her to be responsible for her own mess and not take advantage of us. I'm so sorry for you loss.