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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, August 9, 2021

Happy Homemaker Monday

Our morning yesterday started out with watering everything.  However, we may see rain today or later this week thankfully.

We can mark one big job off the "to-do" list now.  The garage is cleaned up, aside from a few totes the kids left (have to wash stuff up and donate).  There are several bags of trash to go out to the curb, but I would say 98% is done.  

Everything we put by the curb for free is gone except our old computer chair.

We are asking family and friends if they need softball, t-ball or baseball items.  If they do not, it will be donated to our school.

Any tote that was emptied was saved, considering store have about zero on their shelves right now.

A photo of our trip to Wal-mart over the weekend.  I needed a few for yarn, and well, I didn't get any the size I needed.  We even went to a bigger city.

My next "big" cleaning job is to clean out the refrigerator.  It's a battle with a daughter living here for sure.  I'm not used to another person shopping and adding items that crowd my space.  It may be a few weeks for that to happen.  We are going to be getting very hot weather again, and I prefer a cooler day to clean out the fridge.  Even with AC on, it's gotta be cooler to leave the door open for long periods of time.

We are making progress though - utility room done, garage done...things are actually happening.

Before we started back up on Sunday, I spent the morning vacuuming the carpet in Daughter E's old bedroom.  Half of the room has been shampooed now.  Once she comes for her desk and the last of her stuff, I'll finish the other half and start putting up shelves for my yarn totes.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  I'll link up after she posts this morning.

The weather . . .
87°F/73°F, scattered rain.  It's the last day of our fair (free day), and the Demolition Derby.  We'll see if the rain arrives or not.

How I am feeling this morning. . . .
Exhausted with a capital "E" (from cleaning and purging the garage).  What didn't go in the Goodwill box, went to the curb for free, or in a trash bag or in the burn pile.

On the breakfast plate . . .
Not sure yet.  Possibly eggs, toast and coffee.  I do need a breakfast casserole for a few days, so my husband has a "to-go" breakfast for work.

Looking around the house . . . .
Daughter K had several boxes of her stuff in the garage.  We had her bring it all inside to look at and purge.  It's all over the living room, but she'll either donate stuff or put it in her room now.

On my reading pile  . . .
Nothing lately.  I've been doing more of our extreme cleaning.

On my TV . . .
All American, Netflix

On the menu . . .
Baked walleye, veggie
Potatoes, bacon and green beans
Meatballs, hot pepper mustard sauce, quinoa and a carrots
Egg salad sandwiches

From the camera . . .

Not my photo, but my husband did a thing, which prompted the garage clean up.  We owned a Chevelle back with the kids were very young, and sold it, but he's got another one again now.  He is so happy.  It's not a '69, but he's a happy man.  We've already taken her out a few times.  

I am thankful for . . .
Getting the garage cleaned out.   We started on it last year, and finished it up over the weekend. Three kids left stuff in totes that that they didn't want to take.   This is why I'm making sure Daughter E takes everything.  If she doesn't want it, it's her problem to deal with.  I have a tote of winter wear that will be washed up and donated, and another of hand crocheted blankets I make for another daughter, plus a handmade apron, I bought for her.  It's all going to be donated.

I am hoping to . . .
Get to the craft store one day this week, and set up shelves upstairs to move my yarn and have it stored in a nice fashion for once in my life.

Prayer list . . .
Daughter E, as she sets up her new apartment and begins her adult life with adult independence and adult bills.  She'll be paying her own car insurance this week, so that will be new to her.


Luludou said...

Aren't you feeling elated it is done?? Always hard to get the kids to come look at their stuff and purge. My daughter is pretty good at it but not my son!
I've got all my yarn set up in totes in an armoire last year. Makes me happy when I open it and all is clean and orderly.

Have a great week

Kristina said...

Luludou, we are very happy that job is done. I can't wait to get my yarn stuff organized now. Woohoo!