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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Pie Pumpkin ~ A Funny ~ Tidbits


We have one pie pumpkin on all 4 plants.  Sheesh.  Bad garden year for everything this year, but tomatoes and hot peppers.

Something funny to share.  When we went on our motorcycle ride we pulled into the front of our nearest Kroger. My husband hopped off and left the radio blaring and ran in for a few items.  I was standing there trying to figure out how to turn down the tunes, and an elderly lady walked out with a cart just sort of looking at me.

I'm thinking, she is mad it's so loud. I didn't want to touch any buttons and later my husband walked out and realized he left it so loud.  He turned it down and the elderly lady in her vehicle now, drove up to us.  She said we reminded her of her husband and their times riding around on their bike.  She literally said, "we need more of that" pointing to the bike with the radio on, ha ha ha!  

I love watching America's Test Kitchen in my crochet down time, but lately many of the recipes require using a microwave to speed things up.  I don't want to use a microwave.  I know they want to share recipes that are quick, but hmm.

More jalapenos made their way to the freezer.  My cherry bomb finally has peppers on the plants, but I need them all in sync to make hot pepper jelly.  I guess time will tell.  I also froze 2# of carrots.

More tomatoes are rolling in, but I've only harvested about 14# so far.  I hope to be canning something soon with them.  The Amish paste in the photo is from the plants I grew from seed this year.

The ladies have been very happy this week with all the squash freezing going on.

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