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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Infused Oil Question and other Chit Chat

We were blessed with another sunshiny day, and no rain.  I went way out to the garlic and tried to recover it, lining up the holes.  Didn't happen.  Hmpf.  I then tried to hand hoe it.  Didn't happen.  Too wet, which put me instantly in a depressed mood.  It's not drying out, we can't till.  We can't plant.  Clouds moved in by 2pm, so the sun didn't last too long, but we warmed up to the low 70's.

I sat on the porch and chatted with a daughter, contemplating my options for the day.  Previous to that, I pulled weeds by the side door (what a mess).  I decided to clean the porch and get some things out of the barn.  Daughter helped, and soon it was swept, and furniture out and looking cozy.  I just need flowers, hanging pots and flower beds weeded now.

Question for you all.

I have always infused my oils with dry herbs.  Everything I've read states it is safer.  I'm also reading that chickweed loses it's value if dried.  So, has anyone infused oil with fresh chickweed?  And what process did you use to do it?  Would love to hear your input as chickweed is available here now.

I had a vulture swoop down onto the old barn and sit.  There must be something dead out there.  I had to laugh when a small bird swooped in and pushed it off the post it was previously sitting on.  I wonder if those small birds do that to keep them from eating their baby birds?  Or do vultures only eat dead animals?

If you recall, our nuisance neighbor moved out of state to start another home business.  Well, word is (just hearsay at this point) he spent all his money and guess who is back?  Yep.  When we returned from our cabin retreat, I noticed the frame that was started for a barn several years ago (and abandoned) was taken down, as well as a greenhouse at the house (no one bought the flowers he grew and sold, so that business may have gone down the tubes too).  Hm.  Yesterday, a Sheriff was down there for a long time.  Could get interesting.


Susan said...

Oh, just what you need - return of the Nuisance Neighbor! (Sounds like a Perry Mason case, if there is anyone old enough to remember them.) I am no expert, but any oils I have infused have always been with fresh herbs. I was told that the key to keeping it healthy, was to make sure you left them in just long enough.

Kristina said...

Susan, thanks. Do you heat your oil with fresh? Or can I set the jar in the sun? Yeah, neighbor is back, but he can't use the wooded land behind him. It was sold to a farmer, and from what we are told that is how he left to live in another state (which didn't last long).

mamasmercantile said...

My suggestion would be let the chickweed wilt therefore losing a lot of its water content and then infuse into the oil. Hope that helps. Sorry to read that your nuisance neighbour is back.

Kristina said...

Thanks mamasmercantile.

RB said...

Sorry, know nothing about chickweed. And to my knowledge, vultures only eat dead animals. They're generally too big and cumbersome to chase anything down. I once had a fledgling vulture land on my office window. Scared the snot out of me. And once when nephew and I were walking in the woods, I got winded and sat down on a log to rest. Not too long after, a vulture started flying overhead, and nephew said, "I think you'd better get a move on." To which I laughed and laughed. LOL
Still hobbling with my bum ankle. All started with sciatica in both hips and down left leg. Seemed to settle in left ankle. Then a couple of weeks ago, I caught the back of that foot and Achille's heel in the door of the bathroom at work, sat straight down on the floor and made up a few new cuss words I'm sure no one's ever heard before. Then last week I twisted that ankle on the tube that carries all the electronic cords to the register, injuring it again. I wrap it, but it doesn't help. I have an appointment for sciatica with PT on the 21st. I'll talk to them about that ankle and Achilles heel then.
Saw the GP earlier this month. I was so unsteady on my feet she issued me a cane. I've fallen 3x since the first of the month. On go The Adventures of Aging. sigh
Other than that, everything's just dandy. ROFLOL
Prayers everyone has a great weekend, and a safe one too.
God bless.

Goatldi said...

No but I have put fresh lavender into Home harvested honey . When done setting it was Amazing ! Capitalization was intentional 😊