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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Memory Boost

I keep reading that smelling rosemary will boost your memory.  I need to hang some from a hat and sniff it all day.  I've been on the hunt for things I can't find lately.  Besides, rosemary can't be planted just yet, so there goes that theory.

I went in search for a business card.  I literally emptied 6 or 7 purses to search for it, cleaning them all out for about 2 hours.  Later, I found the card in my jewelry box.  

I also went on a hunt for a flash drive.  Cleaned my entire dresser and other stuff.  Never found it.  It'll show up when I clean something else, ha ha!  I used another, loading umpteen photos to it for 2-3 hours, only to hear Hubby change his mind.  "Don't bother with it, it's just one thing to mess with at the party."  Ugh....

The photos were to be printed and put up on a board for the anniversary party.  I agreed.  No board.  

I couldn't find a store that sold photo corners anyway, and Hobby Lobby closed in the closer town.

No other interesting business going on here but rain.  Rain, rain and more rain.  Weather says it will be up to 77°F today, but rain at the exact time the weather peeks.  I'm not getting that septic dug, the garden remains saturated, and I'm stir crazy.  I'll have to dig into some sort of deep cleaning again today.  At least all my purses are cleaned out now.  In that process, I found $19.00.  I earned a little reward for that cleaning job.


Carol said...

I hate when I have to search for something and I have been doing a lot of it as we have been remodeling our kitchen. UGH!! I did not know that rosemary was good for memory, so now I search. LOL!

Faith said...

When you want to find something.....don't look for it. It will surely turn up....the way things go.

Kristina said...

Carol, ha ha, it's supposed to help memory, but I need some plants indoors now.

Kristina said...

Faith, you are right. I don't panic anymore, I just wait and clean and discover, ha ha!

Susan said...

I may have to wear a rosemary lei, at this point. We are having the same weather (although not as warm, darn it) but rain, rain and more rain. And clouds. I had stopped my extra D, but I'm going to ramp it up again. We need to get outside!

Kristina said...

Ha ha! Had to laugh about the lei Susan. Yeah, I need some D and some outdoor time. It's driving me mad.

Mama Pea said...

There must be something widespread in the air. I had to leave home to go meet a friend for lunch in town yesterday and couldn't find my car keys. (I ALWAYS put them in the same spot in my purse. Yeah, right.) Hubby dug out our spare set so at least that didn't turn into a real emergency.

Gosh, I've never found any money when cleaning out a purse. :o(

Vicki said...

I bought birthday cards ahead for the grands, so I would have them on hand to mail to them. That was three years ago and I still haven't found them. Sigh.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, it was pure luck I think. The money was in a purse that the strap had broken (still need taken in to repair). I must have just abandoned it. Ha, had to laugh. We drove to dinner last night (which was terrible) and Hubby lost the keys after shutting off the truck. I was like "what?!" and they dropped into the back seat somehow.

Kristina said...

Vicki, hopefully you'll find them while looking for something else. That's what happens to me.