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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Storms, Flowers, the Un-planted Veggie Garden and a Crochet Emergency Kit

Thursday we had another gorgeous start to the day - sunshine and up to the 70's again.  I weeded the front flower beds. Indoor cleaning always suffers, but I had to take advantage of a good day outdoors.  It needed done badly. I still can't get into the veggie garden.

Evening however, brought on major thunderstorms, wind and possible hail.  I was pretty thankful I had not planted the tomato plants or anything for that matter.

(wasn't cheap and I still need more, and will add color with zinnia seeds and glady bulbs)

This is one small section that edges sidewalk off front porch.  It's a small start.  Needs a few more touches, my rooster planter and then mulch for all the beds.  We lost a few mums over winter, so come fall I'll add a few if I can.  We also lost the granny apple tree, the plum tree died and our large peach tree looks terrible.  The two red apple trees are looking good so far.  Elderberry trees look terrible, but growing.  Darn deer.  I have to put stakes around them this year.  We also lost a blackberry bush, and possibly a red raspberry bush too.

Funny story about that photo.  Hubby finally weed whipped.  He was trying to add more string to the gadget to finish, and we were sitting on the porch.  I told him to just let it go and do it another day.  His response, "If I listened to you I'd never get anything done."  To which I responded, "oh, so that's why the shovel is still sitting in the half dug septic tank?"  Touche.

Friday we had clouds all day, with a high in the upper 60's.  It rained.  Hmpf!  Again. It thunderstormed last night.  Again. More rain is in the forecast for the weekend.  I did some more porch cuteness.  

The wasps and bees are so bad this year.  I can't work in the flower beds after about 10am.  While I ran to the store Friday, wasps literally built a nest in my side door way.  We had to enter the front, go back out and spray it, then wait and knock it down.  Hmpf.

Have you seen this idea on the internet lately?  I made myself one for the truck.  I plan on making two more.  One for the car and one for the camper too.  Ha ha!  I give credit to Blackstone Designs website - notebook (3 for $1 at our Dollar General store), pen, pencil, crochet hook, large eye needle, measuring tape and scissors.  These would make nice gifts for friends and family who you know that crochet.  I also found out that it's much safer to crochet in a moving vehicle than knit.  I don't have a label machine, I just edited the photo with text, but would be cute to add that to it for gift (cricut maybe?).  This one went straight into "Red Lightning" (aka the truck).

I often forget to pack stuff when I bring car projects along on trips.  Speaking of memory issues.  I had to look at my lists to figure out why I ordered jojoba oil.  Sigh....I really did.  

Now, if I can put peace inside my chaotic home, it'll all balance out nicely.  I'm sure the rain will help me out with that.


Carol said...

If I attempt to do any work outside the inside work always suffers. I love the crochet kit as my mom crochet's and I think it is a cute idea. Might make one for her soon.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Carol, I always forget to pack something when I take a project on the road or camping. Scissors for one. Even the eye needle. Yeah, the rain will keep me busy cleaning indoors this weekend. Sadly, the garden is suffering this year.

Mama Pea said...

That flower bed looks lovely. As do all your blooming flowers. Still too soon for that around here. Temp dipped to low 30s (no frost though) night before last. Ugh. Rain forecast for today and tomorrow. It's the weekend, so, of course.

Faith said...

You are busy busy busy....I have a lavender plant which needs either trimmed or pulled, I have another in the ready. The poor dear didn't make it through that Artic freeze business I guess. I may go out today and sit, and hope I can get up will not be graceful either way...but it will give the neighbors a laugh....oh I long for the country. I like the crochet kit, I always have a pair of safety scissors with me and a measuring tape...when I have a project on the hook, it is at the ready to go. Well, let me get myself up off this chair, and go sit outside with the Lavender....till next time.

Sam I Am...... said...

Your flowers look lovely! I also like the crochet Emergency bag....good idea! I'm always torn in the Spring between working outside and Spring cleaning. The house should be clean...after all I had all Winter! But it's not! LOL! Good luck with the garden. Down here the only things that grow are the weeds.

Rain said...

Ha ha ha ha...touché indeed! Good rebuttal Kristina hee hee...what a shame about all of the plants/trees you lost over the winter! I love the emergency kit!! I think I need to make one for the car that has a bottle of wine, some cheese and a few crackers lol! :)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, we are scorched today. Up in the 80's but more rain later.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Faith. My lavender died over winter as well.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Sam I Am, I just wish I could get into the veggie garden.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, yes on the wine and cheese, he he!

Katmom said...

OK, 1st,, I like Rain's suggestion of a mini bottle of wine and Cheese 'emergency kit! lol!

Sounds like you are having the same ""Deliteful weather"" (NOT!) as we are having.. my poor plants are so confused! lol!
Off and on rains, dark cloudy days and then around 6pm the sun comes out for about 20min! scheezzzeeee....

Hang in there,, I heard somewhere... that Summer is on it's way!

mamasmercantile said...

You have been busy. Love the porch cuteness such a lovely box. I was impressed by the crochet emergency kit such a simple but so very effective idea and as you said would make a great gift.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Katmom, mini bottles of wine are on the shopping list now, lol!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

mamasmercantile, thank you!

Tracy dixon said...

If all else fails and the weather doesnt permit planting the tomatoes out in the garden, plant them in 5 gallon buckets and place anywhere. You will still have a growing season and vegetables. Just never know what weather is gonna do anymore lol

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Tracy, I would need 100 buckets or more lol. I plant 50-100 tomato plants every year, 50 sweet potato starts, and about the same in white/red potatoes alone.