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Friday, May 10, 2019

Steak Sheet Pan Dinner ~ Whiskey/Blue Cheese Butter

I made a steak/potato/asparagus sheet pan dinner the other night, and all of us were disappointed in the steaks - organic ribeye and expensive.  They were more fatty than I have ever purchased.  These are typically not available until "grilling" season starts, and I was super excited to have them again.  This time?  Not so.  I'll be checking out a new organic, grass fed farm that is one hour away.

I however, made our delicious whiskey/garlic butter (Black and Blue Cheese Butter) to top the steaks and potatoes, so now I have to use up that butter one way or another.

The recipe for the sheet pan dinner is from Rachel Ray's show.  Just google it.  Super easy, I just need a new steak to use for it. 

Please be patient with me catching up with your blogs.  I have so much to catch up on in my kitchen alone right now.  Hmpf.  I know it'll be so nice when I'm done.  Now, if I can get Hubby to start on that bathroom.  Again.

Rain is in the forecast for the next 15 days.  

1 comment:

Rain said...

15 days??? Eeek. I get uppety when I see TWO days of rain...the meal looks so good, too bad about the steaks. I love the butter idea. I would use that on mashed potatoes and eat that as dinner!