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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Puttin' Up Herbs

I typically do better at putting up herbs in the early part of summer.  In the fall, most have flowered or gone to seed,and it makes it more difficult, such as thyme and oregano.  However, it's a perfect time for me to cut and dry more rosemary and sage.  I make tea with my sage, as well as use it for cooking/baking.

The weather continues to be cool, and I love it!  I want to go camping, but we are still attempting to get a temporary tag for it (the dealer has not mailed the title, and only has 3 days left to do so).  Hubby attempted yesterday, but will attempt again today.  

My 16 year-old took her first "solo flight" to run an errand for me.  Gulp.  Yes, I let her take my very own car.  The old farm truck will be her driving vehicle until she gets a job, and saves enough to buy her own car, but yesterday the truck was still broken down (minor repair needed).  She did fine, but I still worry.  She's already applying for jobs.  In our house, kids must work to buy their own cars.  We don't give them one, nor buy them one. 

I found my copy of Letters of Woman Homesteader, by Elinore Pruitt Stewart.  The price on the book says $1.25!  Ha! Can you imagine paying that for this type of book?  It was printed in 1961.  I cannot wait to dig into it.

Tonight, we plan to work more on the barn roof.  Slowly it's getting finished, but we really need to quickly finish it.  The goat fencing has been moved to the top of the "Get'R Done" list right now.  They got loose again yesterday.  We just seem to run out of time each day.

Speaking of time, I should be typing up a grand short story right now.  I have the most interesting character to add to it.
Run into any "odd" people lately?  They make story writing so much easier. Ha ha!

Enjoy your weekend!


Cris said...

Oh, Letters of a Woman Homesteader is one of my favorite books! I really should get my own copy of the audio version, I have checked it out of the library so many times. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

We were lucky with our kids, that there was some public transportation, car pooling and the kids had their bikes. None of our kids owned a car until after college, too expensive. Only 2 do now out of 3, but she'll be getting something soon I think. I understand in a rural area they don't have many options...

EMMA said...

I'm loving Letters of a Woman Homesteader. What an amazing and positive woman the author was.
My oregano has flowered, do you think it is to late to dry it? I must get to my herbs but jamming (and picking the fruit first) is talking up all my time. My husband got home from work yesterday and told me he has found a secret untouched blueberry spot for me!! I love blueberries but why do thy grow so close to the ground - my poor old back!
Enjoy your weekend.

Kristina said...

Emma, it's not too late to dry oregano. Just cut your pieces, then snip the flower head off before drying.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds just so good and self-sufficient! Ahhh, another book to add to my reading list!
Hugs and enjoy the weekend my friend,
Beth P