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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Healthy Lifestyle Changes

A little "support" can go a long way.

If you have been following my progress in the sidebar of my blog, I am making healthy lifestyle changes this year, and my 11 year-old daughter has joined me.  We do not use the word "dieting."  We are making permanent changes to keep our bodies at a healthy "size" and in the best health we can be - spiritually and physically.

We were all getting to the gym on a regular basis, but as life goes, life got in the way.  By life, I mean Hubby having to work overtime, kids going here and there, emergency repairs, and suddenly "boom" we are not going to the gym.  We slouch it off, walk away and say what my kids say - "whatever."

We are not taking any type of diet pill, nor partaking in any frozen food "diet" program, or any other food chart program or fast quick weight loss scam.  What we are doing, is hard work.  We are walking every day, eating "real" foods, and eating in healthy proportions. Oh, we still have the occasional ice cream, cookie or other treat, but in moderation, and most of the time homemade.

For me, physical changes mean walking 2 miles a day.  Some days I walk 1, and some I walk 3.  It just depends, and I like to switch it up, so I don't get bored.  This may eventually turn into bike riding, and other exercise, but for now it's keeping me physically fit.  

I am still doing all my outdoor chores, but those eventually change (life) and winter arrives.  By then, I will have learned to keep my exercise routine going in a healthy direction.  Not only do we look better, but we feel so much better.  

I did not gain it all in one day, so it will not come off it one day.  Nor a week, nor two weeks.  By making healthy changes and learning to keep them changed, I am more patient with myself, and my progress.  After all, I did give birth to five kiddos.  That can do a lot to one woman's body.

I'm not a doctor, so please don't take this as a sure-fire way to get in shape.  I am simply sharing for those who are possibly struggling and wishing it will simply fall off them and quickly.

When I come inside sweat covered and mud stained, and feeling like I just want to collapse, it's my 11 year-old who supports my life changing efforts.

"Soooo Mommmmm," in her sing-song smarty-pants voice after getting off the treadmill, "how many miles did you walk today?"

She gets my nerves rattled, and there I go to change my clothes, to get sweat covered again.  But all in a good way.


EMMA said...

I don't like the word diet either. I try and make healthy lifestyle choices. I don't go to the gym but I run. Some weeks I manage to do all the KM's I intended and other weeks things come up - (like yours, my hubby sometimes works a lot) - and I also have to say 'whatever'!! It's not worth stressing about, that will just make you ill.
I'm sure all the work you do around the farm is way equivalent to a gym session anyhow!

Unknown said...

Good or you all! I've re-focused on healthier eating, smaller portions after I put on a few lbs. during my foot problem. I'm in the same boat of doing it for my health and to feel better not to look like a 10 year old girl. I'm losing already! I personally use mostly just to track portion size and the ratio of fats/carbs/proteins. I'm limiting the grain carbs since that is easy for me most of the time.