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Friday, August 23, 2013

Gardening Season Ends ~ Others Begin

The kids went back to school this week, except for my college daughter.  Unfortunately, she had to withdraw from this semester, even after buying all her books and preparing.  The balance leftover after all her loans and financial aid, could not be paid by her nor us.  The monthly payment for the balance was way too high for her (or us) to pay as well.  

Mornings are rather quiet, but exceedingly demanding.  I have been catching up on watering flower beds, dead-heading flowers, weeding, checking the tomatoes, and so forth.  Not to mention putting up the last of the 20 pounds of blueberries.  All of the onions are pulled, except for the red onions. Half were rotten, and what was left, were very small.

We missed our chance on planting a fall garden this year, but that's okay.  We are "burned out" from the repair list here, and need a break anyway.  The car breaking down put a halt on the rest of the barn repairs, the goat fencing etc. 

I have already emptied one rain barrel this fall, by watering flower beds and herb gardens.  The grass is turning brown from lack of rain now.  I have emptied a second rain barrel by about half now.

I have been able to get about 7-8 tomatoes from the garden.  Most of the tomatoes are rotten with black spot.  I have enjoyed cutting them up for a breakfast omelet, along with my garden basil. 

My 21 year-old son is now working for a construction (concrete) crew and making good money.  Even though his car is still broken down, Hubby found a solution to dropping him off and picking him back up, so he could work.

A fast food "joint" called the other day, and wants to interview my 16 year-old for a job as well.  We are 7-10 miles from any town for work, so she'll eventually need to buy a car too.

...a little story about the raccoon and the camper....talking with Hubby, he said when he heard the door banging, he got up and "squared up" and then threw open the door.  He thought it was someone trying to break in our camper.   I can just see him with his fists up, ready to defend his family, and finding a raccoon sitting there munching away on the table.  It made me think about what we did have in the camper to protect ourselves.  We'll have to work on that.  You never know in this day and age.


Candy C. said...

Too bad about your garden this year but I envy all your blueberries! That is also a bummer about your daughter and the college.
Unfortunately, you do have to think about how to defend yourself even on a camping trip nowadays.

Unknown said...

Too bad about your daughter. We had to take out an emergency, delayed loan for one of ours, not fun. I hope she can continue. A college degree really helps with long term options. I'm "burned out" from my foot surgery, just not wanting to can much this year, so it's off to the freezer! Maybe next year...

Willow said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Wow 20 pounds of blueberries !

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I haven't kept tabs on school starting up yet... but I think it is next week...perhaps Monday. My daughter goes back to nursing school on Monday-- and we'll be having the boys everyday, until my SIL gets home. They live right next it's an easy transition. My oldest is awaiting the arrival of baby... then we'll be w/o her daughter for a few weeks while she is on maternity. Probably sometime in will 4 kids here (one of them a newborn!)
Talk about a change in seasons!
We are already seeing plants coming up for Fall. Hoping for success.
Hope the automobile situation pans out for you at your house.

Beansieleigh said...

It broke my heart to hear that your daughter was not going this semester. I hope she will be able to go again soon. I'm already saying a prayer and wishing her the best of luck in following her dreams. ~tina

Anonymous said...

OMGosh, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's tuition! Tuition has gotten so out of control and I'm at the point of not even being sure college is the right way for this new generation to go. I have 3 degrees (2 BA's and a Master's Degree), and over $150,000.00 in student loans that I can't even think about being able to pay now that I have fibromyalgia and can no longer work. I'll also never own my own home, my student loans are my mortgage *sigh*
All I managed with all of my education was first to be told I had no experience, then after a Master's degree to be told I was over qualified... I don't think it's worth it personally; and I was a perpetual student, loved to learn, and for the sake of learning I whole heartedly recommend college but for securing a job, much less a career I'm not so sure any more! I feel so bad for the kids of college age today... it really stinks! Tell her to choose wisely is the best advice I can give, something that is unique and can be used in a global/international world, not the standard things that has the potential to be shipped overseas for a cheaper labor force, certainly not computers or business nor accounting. If I had to do it all over again I would pick Public Policy with perhaps a focus on some International issue or I would go to medical school; and I highly recommend her learning a foreign language such as Chinese or Arabic (I know, I know but this is the way the world is heading and she has to do everything she can to make herself competitive. The old majors albeit interesting are no longer viable when looking for a career. I'm originally from NYC and now I live in New Hampshire so I've lived in the hub of cutting edge life, so to speak. I got my Master's of Science in 2005 from a very good school in Boston (Simmons College) and even a great school with an advanced degree didn't make me competitive enough.
My prayers are with you and her...that she will find her way successfully in this crazy messed up world. Tell her for me, "I'm sorry"!
Hugs from one of your blogging sisters...
Beth P