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Friday, August 2, 2013

Camper and Clean Up

I never thought I would use the camper as my opportunity to find useful homes for things I had stored away in my house.

I bought these red dishes about 16-17 years ago, and have moved them twice, and just dug them out.  They will be perfect for the camper.  I'm not filling the landfill with stryofoam and plastic, and I'm not packing glass (which Hubby doesn't want packed in there, and I agree). 

Also in my dusty pie safe, was my grandmother's can opener.  I washed it up and it's going on the camper too (you never know).  Grandma would be proud to know it's still being used. 

Another item in my pie safe, was this vintage cup rack. At our last (city) home, I had a "coffee house" theme in my kitchen.  I had all sorts of coffee house signs, espresso cups and stand, and all the decor you could imagine.  After moving to the farm house (with very little wall space in the kitchen, and counter space), I put this in storage.  Now, it's in the camper. 

We stopped at a thrift store over the weekend, and found this old pink tupperware container, and it holds our mix n' match silverware now - $1.00.  The silverware cost us $.10/each.  

Now I have room in my pie safe for my jam maker (which was stored on top for a year).  Yay!  It's been a win-win situation. 
And because I am unable to sell my crocheted blankets over at Rooster's Crow Farm Store, I removed this one to use in the camper.  It's perfect for the couch that turns into a bed.

Update on the homemade bathroom cleaner.  I found this recipe over at Crunchy Betty's Blogspot.  I was simply searching for a cleaner that was as good as Scrubbing Bubbles, but made with natural ingredients. 

It worked great on my tub, but I have one tip.  Run your washing soda through a food processor to free up any clumps, before adding it.  Otherwise, the end result will be more clumpy, and difficult to use.

As for the "extreme clean" (the "Get'R Done" list), we had 25 things on the list.  I'll have an update on that soon too.  I'll have an update for you on what I get done without a TV anymore as well.  It rained yesterday, and I am madly doing laundry.  More rain is in the forecast (sadly) and it may put a poo poo on Farmer's Market day.


Liz said...

Great dishes for the camper! Our camper is stocked with things found at the thrift store. Storms rained out our market today!

Winnie said...

Oh, I love your red camping dishes!! All of the kitchen items plus the lovely afghan are going to be so perfect in the new camper! Your camper looks very nice and I just know you are going to have some wonderful times taking it out!!

Yart said...

We just bought almost the same trailer... LOL! Ours has a slide and air conditioning too! What a coincidence. We are taking ours out next weekend for its Maiden Voyage. :) Happy Glamping!!!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Your camper is looking good. I have things stashed all around for our camper. However, I don't know that we'll ever get it up and going.
Health (hubby's) and money... you know.
I envy the camping you're going to get to do. Not to mention-- the decorating!