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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stitched Stationery

Without a television to watch in the evenings, I am finding myself working on my crafting projects more and more.

I just started the art of "stitched stationary" and love it.

I was looking over a few patterns over at Sublime Embroidery, and saw "Stitchable Stationary" but found it was out of print.

Looking a little deeper, I located the blog, The Stationary Place.  She posted instructions that got my mojo going to give it a try.

I searched the internet for coloring pages that were printable.  I re-sized them to fit my note cards.  I used her tip on punching holes over the pattern, and into my cardstock.  I simply held the printed picture with an office clip, and used a bright light to see where I was punching holes with a pin.

I then took embroidery floss and connected my dots, using my pattern for guidance.  I started with this basic cat.  But one thing led to another. 

I found this cute goat, and made him too.  And it kept going from there.

I challenged myself with this barred rock.  Boy, there were a lot of holes for this one.

 And of course I had to embroider a camper (he he!).

If you are interested in making these yourself, I simply cut cardstock in half, width-wise, to make two cards.  I cut white cardstock so it was just a bit smaller than the front of the card itself.  I embroidered the pattern, then attached it to the front of the card with double-stick tape.  I hand stamped the back with a rubber stamp that says "Handmade with Love" and I signed my name underneath where I had stamped.

Oh, and I don't know why I just kept on making cards with the farmyard themes, but I plan to expand on that too.  Maybe flowers, a cabin, cookery, camping, and all those fun things in life.


Carolyn said...

OMG, those look so cute! I gott'a try some of those for my next Monthly Letter Writing Challenge!

Willow said...

These are great.
Now I might try it.
Of corse I am partial o the chicken. :)

Winnie said...

These cards are so cute! I love the idea and it does make the best notecards! Thanks for sharing.

hardatworkcrafts said...

Those are so great!!!! A nice change from the printed cards. They look so country too. Nice!!!

EMMA said...

Fantastic. I want to learn how to embroider so this may be something good for me to start with.
I'm sure yours are going to sell like hotcakes. Can't decide which is my favorite, love them all.

Unknown said...

Cute! Maybe you could do different breeds of chickens?

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

These are so cute. I of course, love the chicken and the camper!
great job.
going to check out your store.