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Saturday, June 17, 2017

This and That

The bad:  my debit card was hacked for the 5th time this year.

The good:  it's back to using cash, so I'll most likely spend less.  I've said this before, but now I am really going to focus on paying cash only.  I have even been only using my pin and with the chip reader.  Folks, it still isn't safe.  Cash or credit card these days is best.  The bank said it was a "national chain" which means it was Home Depot or K-mart.  I don't get out much, and I do not pay ANY bills with my debit card.  I don't shop online with it either.

The bad:  my mullein did not grow back.  How does a person kill an invasive weed?  Ugh.  Too late to order seeds to grow it again too.  I have zero in the pasture.  I had it in a pot, but will plant it somewhere in the ground next year.

The good:  my yarrow survived the raccoons rampage on my planted pots last year.

I got fun mail!  Mom sent me this from the newspaper.  An ice cream recipe with herbs.  Not sure if I'll have the time to whip it up, but if I do, I'll share the results.

I don't miss cable.  I miss watching TV while doing my treadmill work out, but I really don't miss having it. So glad we dropped it. 

This came in at the library.  Finally.  I had a few scorching moments outdoors to sit and meander through it.   It was too hot (and wet) to be in the garden.  Anyway, like all books on herbs lately, it's a good resource with some recipes, but lacks information.  This book totally skips calendula.  Not sure where the author lives, but maybe it doesn't grow where she lives?  I think that is the issue with most books on herbs.  We all live in different weather climates and locations, and can't grow everything.  Or can we?

I'm back in my "study" and writing again.  I hope to get a few things published soon.  If I write it down, it will happen.  Maybe.

Plantain works great on burn blisters.  Hubby was a dumb bunny and rode the Harley in shorts.  He got a muffler burn.  I've only seen him do this twice and he won't do it again).

I'm still doing my intentional exercise.  The scale is still not moving however, so I need to think back to last summer to remember what I was eating.  I think we ate a ton more squash, and cruciferous vegetables, so I'm revamping the menu.  Although we are eating a lot of fermented cabbage lately, we are not getting kale and collards.  

My freezer is empty of kale and collards too. The collards and orange chard failed miserably this year.  Kale is up, but in a raised bed that drains too quickly.  I have to re-do the raised beds next year.

I'm thinking about changing my blog title.  Revamping the look and updating the header.  Maybe even a new site.  We'll see.  When I have time.

If you have sent an email to me, using the email associated with my blog, I apologize.  It's busy this time of year.  I'll try to remember to check it when I post my next blog post.

Lastly, I tried two new recipes:

1. Homemade whole wheat flat bread (, and I like this one.  I wanted to try these for broccoli pizzas.  I'll be back to share our taste test results for the pizzas.  I rolled them a bit thin, to make a thin crust pizza.

2. Sugar Snap Pea Slaw.  And I was not happy with the results.  There was absolutely no flavor but raw veggies.  A lot of work for a summer time slaw.  I say, just add those sugar snap peas to your favorite slaw recipe instead.


Katmom said...

Ohhh,,, I like the recipe for the snap pea slaw,,,

Kristina said...

Katmom, I added some home canned sweet pickle relish for some more flavor.

RB said...

I found out today that a cheap safe way to safeguard one's credit/debit cards is -
1. To only carry the ones you're going to use, and
2. To wrap the ones you're carrying in regular old tin foil. Tin foil keeps crooks with mobile scanners from downloading the info from your cards as they pass by you. So today, I spent time making tin foil rectangles to put in three areas of my purse where I carry credit/debit cards. I encourage all to do the same thing.
Yeah, the RFID card wallets work, but one website said Consumer Reports said the tin foil is just as effective, and it's cheaper.
Prayers everyone has a great week ahead, and a safe one too.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, thank you for that tip.