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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Chickweed ~ Herb Vinaigrette ~ Roasted Radishes and Brussel Sprouts

I spent the entire day in the garden weeding, then worked in the herb garden.  It was so dry, I had to water it first to weed it.  I am so glad it rained last night.  I am forced to work indoors today.  I just need to weed the carrots and then the green beans tomorrow (or the next dry day).

Some ding dong left rocks in between flower pots and the grass grew tall (weed whacking is behind on the list).  That same ding dong, walked through, tripped and fell. That would be me.  I'm moving rocks this week, before the party.  Thank goodness for comfrey poultices in the freezer.  I just slapped it on, wrapped it on, then went back to weeding.  

So back to the weeding.  I pulled so much chickweed, that some went into the salad I prepared.

Radishes went into the salad too, and I prepared a healthy herb vinaigrette for it too.

The recipe is in the Mother Earth News issue of "display May 15, 2017" and it is also online in this good article here.  The recipe is the one called "Easy-Measure Garden Herb Vinaigrette.

I love to roast radishes with Brussels sprouts too. Simply olive oil, salt and pepper.  Roast 20 minutes or so at 425°F.  They taste less spicy this way, and are so good.  Yum.  I hope the cherry belle radishes hold off harvest.  I really don't have time to can today.  I never got my "office" area cleaned up yesterday either.  

So, so glad it rained.  I'm off to get the inside ship-shape.  There is a dirty toilet calling my name and a stack of papers to file.  And this ding dong thawed some pumpkin, so I'll be whipping up something in the midst of cleaning.

Oh,  I have to share this.  I have a front loader washer.  We bought it about 9 years ago or so.  I have never had a "filter" in my old top washer, so I never read the manual to know this.  It has a filter that needs cleaned once a month.  I ran this washer for 9 years, and never did this.  I had trouble with it and Hubby spoke into his phone, asked it to reveal the solution for the error code it was displaying, popped of the lower panel and we cleaned the very dirty filter.  These newer made appliances can be so complicated, but I'm thankful Hubby figured it out, and fixed it.  Now I know there is one more thing for me to clean.  Oye.


Sam I Am...... said...

Huh? I've had my Front loader for over 9 years and what filter? Where? I'll have to Google that myself. The radishes and Brussel sprouts sound delish as I love brussel sprouts...they could be my favorite. I mowed to day and need to make a dessert and yes, I have toilets to clean too! Does it never end? Although while I was mowing I thought what a great life I have! We are very blessed! There are those in the world who would give their eye teeth to have our lives.
The vinaigrette sounds good too and yes...tomorrow I will we be weed whacking again and for the rest of the summer but so happy I learned how....what a difference this will make in my yard! Enjoy all your produce already!

Yarrow said...

The salad looks lovely and the radishes amazing :D That's a meal I wish I'd eaten tonight instead of freezer left overs, yuk!
I've learnt a lot about washing machine maintenance since my divorce, in fact, a lot of simple plumbing too! It's amazing what gathers in those filters!

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, yes, google the brand of washer you have. On mine the panel under the door gets unscrewed and panel taken off to clean the filter. I have no idea until I got an error code, which we googled, and it was a problem draining the water.

Kristina said...

Yarrow, we found a small tube of lip gloss in the filter, ha ha! Oh, it was very dirty.