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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pie Pan Bangers ~ Sugar Snap Peas ~ Puttin' Up Radishes ~ Plantain Poultice

Mom gifted me some pie pans when she came to the grad party. 

They are now attached to the pea fence for another rabbit deterrent.  I just hope with "Biker Sally" up, the glass bottles in place, and now the pie pan bangers, the garden will thrive.

Our sugar snap peas are on, and growing quickly.  I can't wait to harvest that first bite.  Yum.

(picked June 11th and picked three more on 6/13)
The rain is bringing more up, even in this heat we are getting.  I am thrilled.  Zero of it went into the freezer, as we ate it all this season, but as the kids move out, and our asparagus patch gets bigger, we'll be able to freeze some in the next year or two.

Another good picking of radishes:

14.6 ounces of cherry belle, and 1 lb. 7.9 ounces of french breakfast.

Although I almost lost my veggies to Zuri-raptor (she removed this large 19 cup container from the center of the table, dragged it into the living room where I caught her, which later was stored in the dishwasher until canning time {oven was hot from making breakfast so I couldn't hide it there})....

...I canned one batch of radish relish.  We were completely out.  With our family shrinking, I canned it in 4 oz. jars.  I'll be buying a new plastic storage container. I use it constantly throughout canning season.  Sigh....

I pickled some refrigerator radish pickles as well. One pint in the fridge to enjoy later.  I will deal with remaining picked radishes later today, freezing them.

In the hustle and bustle of party prep, Hubby waited until party day to clear a path where tree #2 was felled and remains to be cleaned up (partially).  He tripped and fell, scraping up his legs and hand.  I finally got after him, with his non-stop complaining (and him not putting homemade neosporin on it), and pulled some plantain from the flower bed.  He had mowed, so it was slim pickin's anywhere else.  In one day his cuts were pain free and healing.  I had one tiny spot of poison ivy, and applied it as well.  Boom!  Gone!

As for the rodent rabbits?  Well, the glass bottles must be working.  The sweet potato tops that were chewed down by them, are now growing again, and no more damage.  Same with bell peppers, but the tomatoes are iffy.  I need to put bottles out in the back tomato patch next. 

I have another library book to share later.  And the curried lentil recipe too.  And another spread recipe to share.


Rain said...

Oh gosh, I hope hubby is continuing to heal. I MUST find some plantain! I think it would work wonders on our bites. We look like we have constant chicken pox in the summer...Alex said "I can't tell what's a regular itch anymore" because he has so many bites, lol...I love what you've done with your radishes!!! I'll be roasted the last of what we have to see how we like them that way, thanks for the tip! :)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, chickweed salve is also good for bug bites. And for poison ivy. I've used it many times. I also have homemade bug spray to use to avoid bites. I had to use it the other day. Today it's a high of 91 degrees (no rain again).