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Monday, June 13, 2016

It's In!

I planted the very last vegetable on Sunday. 

Saturday, I thought we had everything in, until Hubby picked up a bag and said, what about this?  Ha ha ha ha!  Oh, I was so excited it was all in and wanted to throw that bag at him.   

We reached a high of 95 degrees on Saturday, but Sunday it was in the 70's. On Saturday I chipped ice for my chickens.  We had to put fans in the barn too.  The animals were not going outside in the heat, and were looking for relief.

Anyway, the garden is all planted.  And we still have space for at least 4 more hot banana peppers. 

Speaking of the chickens, my younger hens have not learned to walk up the ramp to exit the roost yet. I tossed them all outside to clean it Sunday, and they could not figure out how to get back in. We had to round them up and show them how to get back in.  Hopefully, they'll learn quickly.

Sunday, work did not stop at that.  My garlic scapes needed cut off.  All 112 of them.  In two years, my goal is to have planted 200 bulbs.  We run out of garlic and garlic powder before each harvest.  

In the past I have made pesto, but this year I took some out to see if the goats were ready to have a treat.  They have not been interested in carrot peelings or other treats, as they were still young.

Oregano needed harvested too.  This time I filled my dehydrator, and re-stocked. 

I have realized one thing this year.  Last summer I had been drinking a nettle/oat straw tea infusion, and did not have many bad allergy days.  This year, allergies hit me hard.  I started making my nettle tea, all-day infusion, and can sleep better at night.  Although I have had some hot ginger tea too.  That always clears my sinuses. 

Hubby and I had a "date" on Sunday.  After all our work was complete (or most of it, because the list never ends), we took a motorcycle ride.  He surprised me by taking me to play Putt Putt golf.  Ha ha!  We had a blast, laughed, and returned home to relax on the quiet front porch.  It felt wonderful to get a "date" in on his only day off

Today?  The garden maintenance begins.  I see thistle popping up in the cauliflower and broccoli, and in the flower beds.  I also see grass in the sugar snap peas.  I also need to get out my strawberry jam recipe and calculate supplies needed.   Canning will start up this month for me. 


Mama Pea said...

Geesh, I thought we used a lot of garlic, but you top our harvest by a long shot! I keep checking mine for scapes, but none showing up yet.

It must feel really good to have your garden all in. Not so for me yet. We got about an inch of rain overnight and there's no way I'll be able to get out there today as it's still very gray and overcast. At least I won't have to water!

Hope you have a good week, and cooler weather!

RB said...

All we're planting this year is herbs, or actually over-planting what had come up from last year because we need more than reseeded. I'd also like to start a stand of dill. It grows well in a big bunch. Don't know exactly where to plant it though cause we have so many pine trees, if we plant where their needles come down the ground gets too acidic.
I have two days off in a row this week til I work on Wednesday, then three more days in a row until I work on Sunday. It's almost like having a mini-vacation, and I love it.
I pray everyone has a safe and blessed week.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Thanks Mama Pea, today it's a bit cooler. Yes, I plant a lot of garlic. I want enough to replant for the next season, then I dehydrate many of them into garlic powder, and save enough cloves for winter as well.

Kristina said...

RB, I love herbs. I hope to replant all my pots soon. Have a wonderful mini-vacation.

Susan said...

I just finished this weekend, too. It's a great feeling - and now for the weeds!

Kristina said...

Susan, you are right about weeds. It's not even raining here, and very dry, yet the thistle and other weeds are growing. I spent the day weeding out my peas.