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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Late Planting ~ Tidbits Updated

I'm still planting and it's June 8th.  It has been oddly cooler here the last few days as well.  I just got the collards and kale in yesterday, along with the peanuts.  I am not finished either.  It just feels weird to be planting this late.  With Hubby working such long hours, big jobs lurk.  Patience, patience, patience.

Last year's parsley re-seeded on it's own, but not enough.  I had to plant more, along with basil.  I see the chard seeds are sprouting, but not my new lavender seeds (yet).

While out planting, I noticed a few bell peppers are on!  I'm pretty happy to have gotten the popcorn in before the rain.  The popcorn is up!  Most of the pinto beans also.  I am so praying for a good year.  My romaine plants are not growing real fast, and I am hankering for summer salads. And all of the shell peas are up.  

I'm almost done planting.  Almost. 

The potted herbs (what's left of them) remain as they are.  Three days of setting the trap, and no luck.  That little booger has pulled the container to the edge and pulled the marshmallows out the back.  Last night I duct taped the container inside it, in hopes it stays in enough.  Mr. Raccoon still continues to rampage my porch.  It's a risk to our dogs, so I must try harder.  Oddly, the barn cats just sit and watch.

Update on the nuisance neighbor and his commercial business.   It's been very, very quiet at our homestead. You would not believe it.  He faked a heart attack (from what is being posted) and told people he canceled the concert because of it. First, he posted a photo, which was an old photo from a (possibly faked) heart attack over winter.  There is talk that he faked a heart attack more than once.

Someone called him out on it, and he deleted the entire post of 300-some angry comments.  Then he filmed himself laughing at the hospital, telling people they will get full refunds (sun burned, and completely not the same as the photo he tried to use).  Then he posted the "artists" have all the money and he has none.  Well, well, well.  Guess what?  A ba-zillion ticket buyers got word from a local and they all filed reports with the Sheriff's Dept.  Then a few hours there is one in his driveway with lights flashing.  Of course, the guy is not home.

Later in the evening, we see people pulling in and out of his house pounding on his door.  They want their money.  Then today I see one of the bands he said would be there (this was a replacement band when all the headliners pulled out from not being paid) posts a video stating he was not paid, nor knew of the "park" and to stop blaming the bands/artists.

Today, the neighbor's car is gone.  On the run perhaps?  Hiding out?  Well, people (local) have given info to all these out-of-state ticket buyers, that our neighbor recently bought a Bobcat (which I noticed new last month, which is a month before this concert week), and a new car.  These people are furious that they were robbed of their money.  There is talk that the neighbor is addicted to a drug as well.  There is mention of him selling 800-1000 tickets, and they are all estimating $90,000 to 100,000.00 in sales he raked in.  I guess soon enough, after reports are filed, the public will find out how much money he took and spent.  He was selling the largest vending area for $725.00.  Yeah, that's a lot of money to lose for vendors who thought this would happen.

Some people took their only vacation from work, bought tents, etc.  Oh, to make it more interesting, one person actually visited the park recently and told people that the park is a joke.  He mentioned one track is so poorly built that it's amazing no one has gotten hurt on it.  They are advising everyone to go "mudding" elsewhere.  They are telling people to not give him any more of their money. 

Three years we kept our patience, went by the law, and followed the law.  Maybe my hens will lay more eggs this summer without all that racket out there.  We moved to the country for the peace and quiet.

What comes next may be even more interesting. I guess we'll see.  I do see this possibly going on national news.  He sold tickets all over the U.S.  


Mama Pea said...

We all know putting in (and maintaining!) a large garden is a lot of work so don't feel you're far behind where you should be. Your season is long enough that you'll be fine.

The bad news about your neighbor is good news (not to gloat, but dishonest people shouldn't profit at the expense of others) for you. The years you've put up him destroying your peace and privacy! Let's hope this really is the end for him.

Happy gardening . . . just remember those rest periods on the porch now and then!

Susan said...

Just goes to show you that greedy slime balls always get caught. I hope the guy goes to jail and you can return to your peaceful life in the country. I honestly don't know why these characters think they can get away with stealing from people. I am closing in on finishing my garden, too. This is the latest it's been in ever. If all things line up in harmony with the Universe (hahahaha) I should have the last bed planted this weekend.

Sam I Am...... said...

It's cooler down here too much to my liking! I still have some things to plant in containers that I put on a bench above the rabbits and armadillos! LOL!
So glad the guy got caught in his own lies. What goes around comes around, you just hope you live long enough to see it! LOL! Yes, peace and quiet is what you usually move to the country for and I pray you get yours back!

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I stole a few minutes on the porch yesterday, late afternoon. Also, Hubby came home and took me on a short motorcycle ride. The weather is so nice! It will be scorching hot this Saturday, so I warned the kids this sudden weather change can make them sick and to keep washing their hands. As for the neighbor, he's still in hiding, and guess what else? They issued a cease and desist on the business as of 6-6-16. I did not know. If they use the woods behind our home, they will be taken to court now. They are to put up signs indicating that land is closed to the business. Let's just say I am not out gardening alone. A bit of security is joining me.

Kristina said...

Susan, you are right about greed. The prosecutor's office is asking vendors and bands who were not paid to contact them now. One manager of one of the bands told the public that our neighbor called crying he had no money left from ticket sales to pay them, and when the band said they are pulling out, he cried more and asked them to hold off telling the public so he could sell more tickets with their band name on them. Yeah, he's in big trouble. I don't even feel sorry for his mother, as she promoted this business herself. I do feel sorry for all those ticket buyers.

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, it is very cool yet today, and Hubby took his truck vs. the motorcycle. It's, in my opinion, too cool to even go camping. Strange weather for sure. I'll take advantage of it and get the last two raised beds weeded.

RB said...

Our parsley reseeds too, but not nearly enough for me because parsley is my favorite herb/green. I often simmer it up in a bit of chicken broth and eat it like spinach. I pull off the leaves and add it to salads and sandwiches. I LOVE the stuff. So far I have two beds and two pots planted with it. Some is coming up, some isn't, but I have plenty of seed packets left to plant where none comes up. ;o)
As for the neighbor, karma is a one-eyed witch (if you know what I mean). I'm wondering if he's going to lose the property altogether over this, or if it's still in his mother's name then he'll go to jail for fraud and then the IRS will be looking for him too, because that's "income" in their eyes.
Patience wins out every time and once again proves God knows exactly what He's doing. Praise and thank God!!!
Prayers everyone has a safe and blessed weekend.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, I love parsley too. As for the neighbor, the land is owned by his mother. The house he lives in was his grandmother's. Everything he owns was bought with our tax dollars or his grandmother's money (or money he took from ticket buyers). With all the ticket buyers, bands and vendors calling the state attorney, I'm sure they will look into the fact he most likely wasn't paying any taxes. As of last night, word was out that he fled the state. He may just be telling people to say that so people don't hunt him down at his mother's house.