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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Birthday! ~ Rain, Glorious Rain!

I spent the evening baking a cake for our daughter who turned 17 today.  We made homemade frosting and added homemade lemon extract this time (vs. vanilla).  I also splurged and picked up two half gallons of organic ice cream.  It's so hot and humid here, I did not want to attempt homemade ice cream.  It was so hot in the house, that the frosting was drooping.  We put the cake in the refrigerator last night.  We only have one air conditioner unit in downstairs and the kitchen is pretty warm.  

Our  now 17 year-old, frosted the cake after I added the first layer.  The kids love to learn how to do this, as I learned from my mother.  In fact, Mom donated all her cake decorating supplies to the girls, and a two layer 9-inch round cake is traditional here.

Last night we also received rain.  Woo hoo!  Finally.  The storms, thankfully were not too bad, and the rain came down.  I am so thankful.  The gardens really, really needed it.  I attempted weeding the herb garden yesterday, but the ground was too dry to even do it.

The saga of the raccoon from h-e-double hockey sticks continues.
Every night it comes back, destroys the plant pots, forks and dirt are completely dug out of the pots, and now a flower pot with newly sprouted zinnias.  I'm about to put a pot of dirt in the raccoon trap, since he likes dirt so much.  I'm setting the trail camera again to see if the there is a pattern to the time of his gracious visits.  We even gorilla glued a bowl of marshmallows into the cage, and wa-la, bowl is gone, trap is still set.  The war is on.

I have since put in stakes around the only grape vine he was digging up, and wrapped it with chicken wire.  So far, it's been untouched (thankfully).  I'm about to put nails in boards around the plant pots, but have a few more ideas.  

Yesterday, after Hubby got home, he took me on a short motorcycle ride.  When we returned, that raccoon had made another day-time visit, and turned another plant pot.  Yes, the war is on.  

Oh, and I know why my squash seeds never sprouted.  A snake made a nice hole (and trail) underneath all of them, and boom, down the seeds went into la-la land.  I filled the snake trail, and re-planted.  I also lost some pinto beans the same way.  We filled that snake trail up too.  I've had gardener snakes in the garden, but never made such a trail under it before.  I can't believe it's water snakes considering it's so dry where the snake holes are.


Sam I Am...... said...

I just posted about some repellent on my blog but not sure it covers raccoon but it is safe for plants and animals and uses smell and taste as a deterrent. I am using it on flowers but it states it is safe for organic gardens as it is egg solids, capsicum (hot pepper) and garlic. It didn't say anything about raccoon but I would try it! They had it at Walmart and a big bottle was only about $7 and it is supposed to last 90 days. I just tried it last night so we'll see. Mine is a deer that likes to visit....our neighbor feeds them....obviously he is not a gardener! LOL! Good luck!

Sam I Am...... said...

I just wrote a whole comment and lost it...I think. Anyway, I posted about some repellent on my blog...I got it at Walmart, it's for organic gardens and it was about $7 and is a big bottle and once you spray it's supposed to last 90 days. It did not say anything about raccoons but I would give it a try. It has garlic, egg solids and capsicum (hot pepper). I'm using it because a deer has been eating my newly planted flowers on my bench. My neighbor feeds them...obviously he in not a gardener or a true wildlife respecter! Happy birthday to your daughter and so glad you got some rain!

Kristina said...

Thanks Sam I Am, deer typically stay away, as we walk the dogs around the perimeter. The smell keeps them out, but not the raccoons. I sprayed an animal deterrent around two pots and it didn't phase the little booger one bit - tore the dirt out anyway. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I will tell her.

RB said...

You sure are having trouble with critters, including the one from the park. LOL
Document when he drives in and drives out. Get a dated photo if you're able to do so without him noticing. It might be helpful some day if someone over there tells the cops he isn't there anymore.
Prayers everyone has a great day!!!
God bless.

Susan said...

How frustrating! He must be incredibly crafty to get those marshmallows and not set off the trap! Lucky you to get rain - we need it badly.

Kristina said...

Thanks RB.

Kristina said...

Susan, we didn't get as much rain as we expected, but we did get enough for a good dose for the gardens. It's sunny again today. Yes, that raccoon is very frustrating.