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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tomatoes ~ Baby Food Carrot Cake

I finally got some salsa canned, and it was with my very own tomatoes.  I was so excited to see Hubby bring in more tomatoes, we ended up with 10 pints of salsa.  A huge blessing, considering it's been the worst garden year (rain).

I even had more tomatoes leftover, but not enough for salsa, so I blanched and froze them (another huge blessing I didn't think we'd get this season).

I have been looking around for inexpensive jars for making homemade vapo-rub (cheapest I can find in stores is $2.99/each for a 4 oz. jar).  

Well, another farmgirl gave me the idea to just buy baby food, to get the jars. Duh!  I guess with no babies in the house, that simple idea never occurred to me.

It's a great bargain if you ask me.  I paid $.59/each for them, and bought sweet carrots.  I used the baby food to make a carrot cake.  I linked the recipe I used, and used my home canned applesauce in place of the oil.  I got my jars, and the family got carrot cake.  What a deal.   And, the frosting was made with my homemade vanilla extract.  Can't beat that.

I'm thinking I need a few more jars - he he he!


Anonymous said...

How totally cool that you got enough tomatoes to can 10 jars of salsa! You know, or perhaps you don't that I am trying to get a weekly linky party started called Patisserie Tuesdays, which runs from Tuesday through Saturday. This baby food carrot cake would be cool to link up... I'm just sayin'! :D Read more about Patisserie Tuesday here I would love to have you link up a sweet recipe every now and then when you have the time... ughhh, time :D
Beth P

Kristina said...

Thanks Beth,I will take a look.

Liz said...

We did salsa last weekend with our tomatoes. Bad crop for us as well! So glad to see the carrot cake recipe. I had this written down somewhere but lost it! Thanks for posting it!

EMMA said...

Great idea. I'm currently drying calendula flowers to make balm and was wondering what to use for jars.
and what's more, I love carrot cake!

kathy b said...

Your carrot cake looks soooooo good. I may have to bake one