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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Recycling Tiny Plastic Hangers

These plastic hangers are typically found on packages of socks, kitchen towels, and other linens.  

I've been saving them in a recycled glass jar, and keeping them with my craft supplies.  I finally found a way to reuse them.

I know it's a small piece of plastic, but like plastic bread ties, everyone in the world is throwing these in their home garbage, and eventually in landfills. I just thought I would share.

You could use them to organize necklaces and bracelets in some way as well.  They would make nifty-thrifty Christmas ornament hangers too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The weather here has been so nice, it surely helps with all the fall outside work.  The farmers are taking out their crops, so I have not been on the front porch these past few days.  The dust from their crops have been flying in the wind, like huge dust storms.

Timmy, the black barn cat who adopted us, has earned his keep.  We've seen him with a mouse in his mouth several times this week.  Good kitty.

School is keeping the kids very busy.  One joined the art club and the spanish club (a teacher told her that when she applies at colleges, this type of participation is very important).  

Oh, and boy has the school year already started situations - pencils stolen, friends be-friended, and other chaos.  We can view all the kids grades on-line, and my 11 year-old saw there was a paper marked missing, giving her a C in the class.  She dug through her graded papers, and low and behold, there was the "missing paper" that was not only handed in, but returned graded.  She took that paper to the teacher, and pointed out it was marked as missing.  Her mid-term went from a C to an A.  It makes me wonder how many other papers come up "missing."

School not only brings on chaos and the "crud," it brings on late night homework and grouchy, irritable kids. Ugh. 

Yesterday I was able to cut more basil, rosemary and spearmint for drying.  I hope to get the basil and rosemary potted and brought in before the weather reached below the freezing mark.  I brought in a large bundle of sage to dry as well.  

I'm working diligently on chores, and hope to sneak one more camping trip in this fall.


Mama Pea said...

What an ingenious way to use those little plastic "hooks!" Wish my brain could think of things like that.

We raised only the one daughter, but I'm glad we're through those school years . . . especially now when so many kids seem to be left to pretty much raise themselves. No one to instill values, morals and such into their growing little brains and bodies.

I always think once summer is over, fall will be a slower, more relaxed time (silly me) but there's still so much harvesting to do and chores that must be done before bad weather hits. Yep, we have to just keep working diligently on chores . . . that's the only way they'll get done! :o)

Beansieleigh said...

Great idea for the plastic hangers!.. Another idea: I've taken two at a time to form hearts, for the tops of the tags I make! (which works to hang something as well!) ~tina

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Oh, the heart idea is a a great idea. Thanks!

RB said...

Great idea for those little hangers. Was thinking too you could use them to dry your herbs. Just tie them up with string, pass the string through the hole in the hanger, and hang it from a wire rack to dry. The shelf racks from old ovens work good for that. Just hang them from the ceiling or something with a couple of hooks and hang things on them with those little plastic hooks.

God bless.