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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Worn Out

Today, I am really missing my wall tent.  Thunderstorms are predicted, so the front porch may be off limits too.  The last two storms we had, caused lightening to fry one VCR/DVD player, and two fans.  Both times the lightening hit, there were loud "pops" and a flash of light in the house.  We never had this happen before. 

I woke up extremely tired.  My 12 year-old helped me weed the watermelon, some tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins.  I had the kids put the 3rd load of laundry out, and they broke the line - Hmph!  I rigged one line, but will need to buy new clothesline to fix the other one.

There is more to weed today, but I need to take my 10 year-old to her library reading program.  I am skipping berry picking too.  Unless the storms hold off, and it cools a bit later in the evening.  I'm just that tired.  My body is telling me to take a rest.  No canning either.

Hubby worked overtime, and didn't get home until after midnight.  My 20 year-old son is working 3rd shift (covering someone's vacation), and comes home a grouch.  I cannot wait for this week to be over.  Third shift causes the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.  He has had to deal with drunks, call the police and so forth.  Third shift is just not normal on the body either.

My 18-year old quit her job, and has a horse to pay for.  Her irrational decisions are stressing me out too.  Between kids and work, I'm ready for a vacation of some sort, but I know if I went somewhere, the garden would die.  Most of the kids resent me for growing a garden, but will eat it when it's served on the table. 

Yesterday I pulled more garden bounty - 5 kohlrabi, more radishes, lettuce, and sugar snap peas.  We made one large salad, made a raw salad, and then roasted the rest.  The goats got the leftover treats (skins, tops, etc from the produce).   

If anything, I may pick a kohlrabi and a few radishes to make the same raw salad for myself today.  I need re-energize badly.  I don't want to get sick like last year.


Lisa B said...

I am right there with you, worn out. Try to repeat "this too shall pass". I know it sounds stupid but sometimes it helps me get through to better feelings. Garden stress is rampent here to the point I only plantes few tomatoes and have some vining plants that came back so I don't know what they are yet ;/ . Too much for another year so I'm calling it good enough. As for 19 yr old I've been there too, my 21 yr old is coming out the other side of responsibility tunnel I hope. We struggled for years though and any progress is god progress. I keep reminding myself to breath and stop waiting for other shoe to drop w him.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...


I hope things improve at home. Been there and gone through the irrational decisions of young is uncomfortable when they live under the same roof and have financial responsibilities. They like to test the " I'm an adult" boundaries while they are still at home!
When we are married-- we are responsible to our spouses; when a young adult lives at home, they need to know they are accountable to the Mortgagee! :)

As to 'em / hate 'em.
We've lost electronics and appliances to random "Acts of God"'s unnerving.

Hang in there, try to put your feet up when you can.


larkspur funny farm said...

I think right now we are all stretched past our strengths but if we take what time we can to catch our breath even if it is for just a few minutes we will remember how strong we are and we can see it thru - Children are our gift and at time our curse - I have been there with my two sons and still go thru this even when they are grown. I stand with you and know of this stress. Be well and know that you are strong.

Unknown said...

Good for you resting. When my 3 kids were nearing going off to college, and were driving me nuts in the meantime, I just had to tell myself, this too shall pass ;) They appreciate us now a lot more, but we still cringe at some of their decisions. Might be time to sell the horse?

Winnie said...

Kristina-- I hope you just need a day off to rest so that your energy will return! Crazy busy days have a way of sapping our strength. On a different note. Did you read my post on MJF under wall tent coming down? I did some research for you and found second hand tents for as little as $100. I left you the words I googled and a cool link to review. Maybe there is a real way to have that tent . It could be Mom's retreat for days just like today ! Hope you feel better after another night of sleep!!

Michelle said...

I know it hard, but try to get some rest. We don't do ourselves or anyone else any good when were not at our best. It's a lot easier to get sick when our bodies are worn out.

caprejan said...

Sounds like you could do with some ME!! pampering,take yourself off to a quiet place a nice bubble bath or some thing where you cannot hear any other person,light the candles, box of chocs or something naughty, glass of wine and stay in that moment for at least 2 hours, it works for me every time, we often forget about the most important person, ourselves :)x

Unknown said...

Just found your blog and became a new follower...LOVE your posts!

We're having some wonky weather here which is throwing off some of the needed gardening. Stay cool and hope the storms just provide needed rain and not a power outage (:

All my best,
Michele xoxo