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Friday, June 8, 2012

Backyard Camping

This is the lean-to or "wall tent" the kids made last year.

We washed up some rugs, aprons, towels, tablecloths and sheets.

This is our second time for backyard wall tent.  We set the tent up first.  

We set up our canopy tent (or also called an easy-up) in front of the camping tent.  We filled it with outdoor and indoor furniture, rugs, plants and flowers.

We used aprons, tablecloths and sheets to connect the easy-up to the tent.

 This is a queen sized blow up mattress we had from previous camping trips.

Views of inside the camping tent.  We are gradually adding items we will use out there - books, crafts, ice tea and pitcher etc.  We used hankies for doilies and for decorating the entrance of the easy-up.

 I found this wooden sewing box at a thrift store a while back.  I started filling it up for my glamped up wall tent.  I found the handmade, crocheted needle and thimble holder at an antique store.

I brought out my knitting to work on, as well as write.  I just hope I can sneak private, quiet time in this, as the entire family is enjoying it. 

 We used items from the house to decorate and use in the glamped up wall tent.

 Put down a rug, and animals will come.  All the dogs love it as much as I did.  Even the barn cats came out for visits. I don't have a photo of Sadie. She's a lab and would not sit still.

A few views from outside the entire backyard glamping....this is just the beginning.

 This is our lighting in the canopy tent - one string of battery operated lights, and a few strings of Christmas lights.  Yes we used electricity.  We even took a large rotating fan out there.  If you've ever camped, the inside of a tent can become very hot during the day.

The girls brought out hair-do supplies, nail polish and more.  They did hair-do's and nails for a few hours.  I was even offered a do - crimped hair.  Hmm...I just may take her up on that "do." 

I am already adding things to my wish list. Once hubby visits this, I'm sure he'll be even more excited about a permanent one (including an outdoor spa).

A view at night.

I know that a permanent wall tent here would be such a blessing.  I plan on keeping this up for about two weeks.  I need my easy-up for the Farmer's Market, but then will set it all back up in another area.  We have already been rained on too.  I have to say it was pretty nice to sit in there and hear the pitter patter of the rain on the tent.  Very peaceful.  Now....if we could just do something about highway traffic noise.  Got any road blocks? He he he he!  I could see the signs now - "CLOSED FOR GLAMPING"


Sam I Am...... said...

Wow! You went to a lot of work to set all that up! It's darling! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness!I've been thinking about doing something similar with our easy up in our cottage yard! So cute! You've really created an wonderful backyard retreat! Thank you!

simplicityinthemaking said...

Cool but I would hate to have to bring all that stuff back into the house! Just like fall clean up. A lot of work.

Kristina said...

All of the chairs, plants and tables came from the backyard patio/porch. I only have to move them a short way. The rest, that came from inside the house is mostly the linens, the inflatable bed and and wooden cupboard. The black metal stand folds up, and is used outside, and for the Farmer's market. It's really not that much to put away. The tents take the most time to take down. I'm a pretty simple person, so we kept it simple.

Unknown said...

Wow, nice job!

Candy C. said...

That is soooo cute! What a nice little retreat right in your own back yard! :)

Anonymous said...

This came at the perfect time for me as I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Can't seem to get away from obligations at home as I'd like so the backyard is as far as I can escape at the moment. Might as well make it special! Thanks for the inspiration!