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Friday, June 15, 2012

Mission Impossible? ~ Kidney Update

I have not found balance in my daily routine.

This may be something for me when all of the kids have moved out, and my daily duties are more at a minimum.

I have been crocheting a car wash cloth for 3 weeks - messed it up twice, taking it out twice.  Sigh....

The list for things needing done continues to grow:
~finish chicken tractor
~rebuild chicken coop
~repair mower
~finish cleaning out the wood barn 
~split wood for next season (so far behind on this)
~put up new goat fencing and build new stalls
~hoe and weed the garden
~weed out the herb gardens
~clean out the fridge
~clean out the garage
....and that doesn't including harvesting the garden and stocking up.....sigh.....

This is the stress I'm trying to eliminate.   

Kidney donation update:

Hubby was cleared by the doctor for donating a kidney.  Evidently, the sugar test the hospital uses is not a very good test, and he's been cleared as not being diabetic.  

However, now the doctor is telling him that he has bad cholesterol problems and needs medication (and that he could have a heart attack any day).  This news just made hubby exercise even more.....I'll have no problem getting my weight off now.  His levels have dropped tremendously from his numbers 3 years ago (just by eating right and exercising). 

Needless to say, we went on a 6 mile bike ride.  The doctor told him that he'd have to start running marathons to combat this "problem" without medication.  He also told hubby that at his age, he couldn't do it (run a marathon).  That just motivated hubby even more. 


simplicityinthemaking said...

healthy lifestyle is good anytime. Read up on it. It can be reversed. But one must stick to the plan and from experience.......its not easy! Medication is not an issue, but will be a lifetime commitment as well.Once on, that's it!

Happy biking!

Sorry to hear about the market. I had hoped this was good for you. I am beining that verture as well, but for next year when I have more products. I also have farm produce.

Unknown said...

There's more time with kids gone, for sure!

EMMA said...

I bet your husband can and will do a marathon!!