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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mystery Road Trip

The other day, hubby and I went in search for the person who sells his own honey in a nearby town.  We started by eating breakfast at a small diner that was still in business, and asked around.

Not only did we locate the person we needed, but found another honey supplier.  Both suppliers provided reasonable prices.  I can buy 2 lbs. for $7.50.  Other road side stands are selling their honey for $5.00/half pint jar, $10.00/pint jar and $20.00 for a quart jar.  I used to buy mine from a farmer, through a school teacher, at the price of $12.00 for a quart jar.  However, I was unable to obtain any once school ended.

I took photos of the diner with my phone, but later realized I did not "save" them.  It was a funny, duh moment when we arrived home.  I'm not used to the phone I was using.  

We drove to the honey supplier, knocked on the door, and asked if they had any to sell.  Funny thing was, they not only had honey, but took us down to the building they renovated, where they make the honey.  Due to privacy, photos were not taken, but we talked for several hours with these wonderful folks and will be visiting them soon for more honey.  I may even be visiting his wife to learn how to quilt.

Now that I have the honey, and the strawberries, I will be canning jam in a day or so.  I'll update my progress, and also sharing a recipe for Wild Red Clover Jelly (different from the first one I tried).

I may also be setting up a hive in my back pasture, in the middle of a very large clover patch.  Maybe next year.  This same person offered knowledge and assistance.  I'm so glad we took our mystery road trip, even if it was only a short day trip.

Hubby and I love to dine in old diners.  I think we'll take another trip after we finish more farm work here this month.


Candy C. said...

Great price on the honey! :)
I picked up a 32-oz jar of local honey at the Farmer's Market yesterday for $10. He said he had to raise his prices recently, it used to be $9.

Sam I Am...... said...

That wonderful! I love honey and I try to buy local when possible as it's supposed to help you with allergies if you eat honey from your area. I get disgusted though when I go to Farmer's Markets around here. They sell stuff they bought someplace else a lot of times and then just charge more. I caught on when they would sell stuff that wasn't even in season. We don't have a local Farmer's Market so I would have to drive to other towns where I used up more gas. Now, I just stay home.

GrannyAnnie said...

What a wonderful day!! Old hole-in-the-wall diners and pure, natural honey can neither one be beat! And such a great price! I am having to give a fortune to get raw honey, here, right now.
Did I read this right? Are you going to use the honey to make the strawberry jam? I would love to see a recipe for that! And do you know of a pectin for jelly/jam making that DOES NOT contain pectin?

Kristina said...

Anna, if I come across a recipe that does not contain pectin I will let you know. I do try to use it when I can because it can't be digested and before it leaves the body, it takes a part of the bad cholesterol with it.