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Friday, June 1, 2012

Draw Backs Living in the Country ~ Litter

In my state, "Littering is a serious offense, punishable by fines of up to $500 and 60 days in jail." (source:

These photos are just from last night's drivers.  There have been entire food boxes, cheese wrappers, birth control pill containers with their names on it, and more.  Even beer bottles thrown so far, they've almost landed on my front porch.

It wouldn't be so funny to these people, if we set up a camera and had them fined.   One person has done this already (according to our newspaper).  I think more needs to be done in regards to those to litter.  This is just one draw back living in the country - irresponsible people think your yard is their trash can.



Sam I Am...... said...

So sad...when I lived in the country I would walk every day and always carry a bag and pick up as I went. The camera's a good idea! LOL!

Yart said...

Unfortunately, in the suburbs we have the same problem. I am constantly picking up others trash. The worst part is cleaning up other peoples animal mess in my front yard. That always so much fun.

Unknown said...

Trust me, they do it in the city too :( I pick up all kinds of crap in our front yard border/sidewalk...

Candy C. said...

We live on a dead-end road so we don't get any "drive by" litterers BUT the stinkin' neighbor is very irresponsible about picking up things in her yard and most of it ends up here!! Grrrr...
I just don't get it. (sigh)

Carolyn said...

What really, REALLY gets me is that so many smokers just toss their butts out the if it weren't trash. One day I'm going to get the nerve up when I see somebody toss it out their window, go pick it up and toss it back in on them!!!