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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Entire Saturday

Would you want this in your backyard?  For well over 10-11 hours straight?

Update 1/12/2015 - original video was too long.  That is why it would not play.  Here is a shorter one, but you get the idea.

Update.  Evidently there is a sound issue on the movie clips.  I hope to figure it out. I loaded this when blogger had issues.  It works fine on my computer, so I'll try to re-load it.

Our guests had two very young children with them, and left early.  We could not have a conversation without having to scream over the noise.  We covered up the chairs and went inside, but we had to turn up the TV to cover up the engine noises.  And even that did not work.  Needless to say there were a lot of headaches at our homestead.  


Kelly said...

Couldn't hear it on my computer but I can only imagine :( So sorry. Hopefully it gets shut down somehow.

Kelly said...

Couldn't hear it on my computer but I can only imagine :( So sorry. Hopefully it gets shut down somehow.

Nancy po said...

Are there noise ordinances in your county?

Kristina said...

No, we are told where we live, even though a small town is very close, there is no noise ordinance for us. We are not sure what's happening today, but it's quiet so far.

Mama Pea said...

Do you have close enough neighbors that they are complaining about this awful situation, too?

Kristina said...

I'm thinking someone did call or complain since last night. It's been pretty quiet here today (thank goodness). We won't know what's going on until next week.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

well, I could not hear it either... but I can only just imagine.

RB said...

Have you gotten the survey completed yet?
Personally, I'm finding it difficult to believe the law can't do something to help with a disturbing the peace charge or something. Most towns, cities, even states have nuisance laws.

Plus, the land is zoned for farming. Get an attorney. File a lawsuit against the property owner for using it for something other than that.

Don't just depend upon a few calls to law enforcement to make things happen. Call the mayor. Attend the next town planning meeting.

In short, you're going to have to raise as much hell legally and jurisdictionally as this guy is raising on his property before you get any help from any legal entity to do so, because it's like the mother bird principle, the one screaming the loudest gets fed first, and usually most often.

God bless.


Kristina said...

Thank you for all your advice. The survey was to get done today (Tuesday). We'll see if they come out. I told Hubby we may have to get a lawyer too.