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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Reflections of 2015 ~ Part 1

I started out 2015 by making a binder to start keeping herbal recipes in. I learned a lot last year, and hope to learn more this year, along with essential oils.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reflections of 2014

Over the past few years I have managed to post reflections of the entire year.  I apologize in advance for the length of this post.  I had no idea how many steps we have taken this year in successfully living a more sustainable, morally earned lifestyle, removing nasty chemicals from our lives, learning more about natural remedies, herbal teas, and so much more.  This lifestyle is not for everyone.  Although splitting wood is both physically and mentally challenging (our source of heat), I would not trade it for a switch on the wall any day.  And I could not have gotten this far without the partnership and support of my husband.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Path in Life and Changes Along the Way . . .

My post today is in reference to Mama Pea's post the other day about "A Different Choice."  Thanks for the inspiration to write this, but you may want a hot beverage to sip. It's sort of long, ha ha!

My first career, and very happy with it at the time, was a Travel Agent.  I went straight to Travel School (right out of high school), which was about an hour drive from home (I was still living with my Mom).  I loved it.

I worked my school hours on the River (up north), where I worked as a sales ticket person, where river boat rides went up and down the river.  I had a fancy uniform too.

I also did internship with other Travel Agencies.  I LOVED it!  I worked my way through a few Travel Agencies, and landed in a bigger agency.  I took additional classes and earned my DS on many destinations (specialist on certain travel locations).  These were serious designations to earn (testing was difficult as well).

I took outside classes and earned my CTC first.  That stands for "Certified Travel Consultant" and you could only use that designation as long as you were working for an agency with a true iata agency number (and worked full time).  Today, this course is over $500.00!  My agency at the time paid us, as long as we passed the courses.  The designation was up and beyond the travel school certificate I earned from the first school.

I loved it so much, I became a "teacher" for the next few DS (Destination Specialist) courses.  I think I even still have my books from it somewhere.  I loved teaching the course, and toted my briefcase to work every day.  I began to wear suits to work, handed down by my Mother as well (she worked at a bank at the time).  I felt that great about my career.

Well, then they hired a woman as an "agent" who literally turned psycho on my manager, and put her out of a job.  My boss was THE BEST EVER BOSS!  The woman they hired had mental issues and control issues, and didn't want anyone to do the job as agent better than her (I did, and she didn't like it). 

I had a large clientele.  I was the type of person who studied the available travel packages, and only sold the customer what they could afford, but a good quality company as well.  We worked on commission, and the "psycho" lady they hired sold only high commission packages to clients (expensive for costumers).  It meant, I had to work more customers in a day to pay my bills, but I had repeat customers who trusted me.

I got tired of "psycho" woman (who stole my bosses job) to the point I was mentally sick and threw up on the job, and I walked out on the job (while a single mother raising 3 kids).  I was later hired at the plastic injection molding company, where I worked in the office (best income I ever had).  My title was Purchasing Coordinator.  It's were I met my current husband.  Best thing I ever did.

Later, down the road, after a few more kids, I went to college for Journalism.  I ended up leaving that college and caring for the family.  Journalism is not even offered there anymore.  I do not regret staying home to care for the kids and family at all.  I do miss my Travel Agent days, but as of today, those are not even needed as much as they were back in the day.

During my course of a stay-at-home Mom, I built beautiful flower beds around our first new home using natural stones that had been dug up.  I dedicated one section by the back door for my first ever herb garden.  I have since dug up that garden and moved it twice to where we are now, and wa-la now a garden grower, chicken raiser (even raised dairy goats and meat-birds).  I would not change a thing, but have to admit, I miss my Travel Agent days.  Those would be totally different, and more difficult today with the internet and people booking their own travel.

Thanks for the inspiration to write this post.  I hope I didn't make the post too long.

It's still snowing and very cold here this morning.  I have hot water, so I'm a happy gal.  I'll be happier once the wood stove is in full swing.  Coffee is brewing, and breakfast just needs heated up.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

New Tea ~ Down Memory Lane


Giving this new tea a try.  It is similar to the Traditional Medicinal teas, and it is good.  I have also ordered something new to try.

The carpet is all out upstairs.  It is almost completely out of the stairway as well.  It may be an all year long project, but at least the carpet is gone.

I got my stand for my starter seeds moved.  I'm starting seeds two weeks earlier than last year.  I do need to check the grow lights today.

There were a total of 9 deer out early evening last night.  I heard my husband talking and looking out the window saying, "you all better stay over there."  Ha ha!  They were all out eating the winter wheat.  The temperatures have dropped to the single digits, so it is back to cold here.

Down memory lane:   

I was looking for a specific photo and remembered I made flan for a fiesta/salsa party/tasting night.  That was the first and last time I made flan, but it was good!  You can read about the year I canned several different salsas and our fun food fest  HERE.

Our first goats!  Golly what a memory!  Reflections of 2011 can be read HERE.  We haven't had goats now for many years.  I do miss the milk, soap and cheeses.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Homestead Tidbits ~ Canning Radish Relish

Friday, Hubby had to get a required physical, to return to work (always some strings attached in that business), so I headed to the garden.  Lots and lots of work out there, so I took a nice big thermos of water, and covered my head with a hat and bandanna.  I went out there prepared to sweat.

It is very reassuring to know I don't have to babysit chickens this summer, while I'm running around working.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Happy Homemaker Monday

We had another weekend retreat at our favorite island.  It was the best weekend ever.  We went alone this time.  We met more islanders and laughed and laughed and laughed.  Tried a Storm Cloud shot for the first time.  Hubby didn't like it so much, but I did.  Sort of on the sweet side.

It was pretty busy on the island and the place we rent is now booked until mid August already.  Our friends that own it, have a machine that they set inside and put a timer on and it kills anything.  Sort of like what the UV machines do, but different.

We were home early, unpacked, laundry started, lawn mowed, garden checked, catnip went into the dehydrator and potted plants watered. Sage went into another dehydrator.  It was hotter here than at the island (beautiful weather and nice breeze at the island).

We have six acres, but not all is mowed.  Our old goat pasture looks like this now.  Hm.  Time to locate people to bring the goats in to eat it down?  When our buck was in this area, he ate it down regularly for us.

We did some flower bed weeding, and cleaned one of the air conditioner filters too.  It's probably a good thing we did work on Sunday.  By evening, I figured out my sciatica was back.  At first I thought it was just a pulled muscle.  Not a good time to happen.  I'm digging out my papers on stretching exercises and will start on that first.  I will have to have the girls do my garden work for a few days until I can get back to feeling better.  I didn't sleep good at all last night due to the pain.  It's a horrible pain.

Here are my biker gnomes.  They are going back out. I'm just not sure where yet.

Today I am joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.

The weather . . .
89°F/63°F.  No chance of rain.  Sunny.

How I am feeling this morning. . .
In serious pain.  Frustrated this happened, but I succumbed to this awful, off and on problem, due to falling on ice and landing on my back and hitting my head on cement over 13-14 years ago. It comes and goes when it feels like.

On my mind . . .
How am I going to get my work done today?  The timing is awful. Also, the health store where we buy our true organic/non-gmo meat from has closed permanently.  The produce stand where we buy our sweet corn announced yesterday they are also closing permanently.  What's not getting destroyed from idiot rioters, is closing due to lack of income (from being forced to close).

On the breakfast plate . . .
Sweet potato and black bean frittata with fresh cilantro from the herb garden.

On the reading pile . . .
Nothing this week.  I took the week off.

On the TV . . .
Whatever we find interesting on Amazon Prime.

On the menu this week . . .
Well, first I have to make out a grocery list, after checking the pantry and fridge.  
-Stuffed Shells, veggie
-Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn
-Chicken/veggie kabobs on the grill

From the camera . . .

I picked shell peas this morning.  They are doing great.  I missed these last year.  Lots more on the vines, and that makes this gal happy.

Looking around the house . . . 
It was cleaned up yesterday by one daughter so she could have a backyard cookout with some friends last night.  I will need to get the herbs out of the dehydrators and refill one with mullein leaves and flowers.  My wild mullein is 6 feet tall right now.

Chore I am not looking forward to this week . . .
Everything and anything I can manage to get done, like watering everything.  I will resort to my sprinkler for the vegetable garden, but I hate to run the water pump that long.

To relax I will . . .
Stay off any news on the TV, stay off any social media (getting so sick of it), crochet and maybe watch cooking shows to stay off my feet.  Although movement helps.  I will do my stretches however.  It's the only thing that helps get rid of the pain.

On my prayer list . . .
Well, for starters for this pain of mine to go away.  Our country, our President,  and law enforcement. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Reflections of 2012

I made homemade deodorant for the first time.

I learned to be more resourceful.

 Finished a crocheted blanket to take camping.

 Had "wig" night with the kids (and pets too). 

I baked more foods from scratch.

(photo taken by my daughter)
Buried a very much loved barn cat named Joey.

 Did many farm/barn repairs.

 Tried new foods and recipes.

 (photo taken by my daughter)
Experienced the birth of two different baby goats.

Took an "accidental" road trip with hubby.

I added a few more useable antiques to our home.

Invested in Araucanas.

 (our daughter who tends the goats and makes the soap)
Had successful soap making. 

Participated in the Farmer's Market for the first time ever.

  Got through many trials and tribulations.

 Took more time out for myself.

 Made homemade ricotta cheese with our goat's milk for the first time.

 Canned more.

 Planted more.

 Dehydrated more.  

 Received "Farm Girl of the Month" in July. 

Went camping.

  Spent more time focusing on my marriage with weekend trips to rejuvenate, relax, and enjoy.

 Had a "salsa" party to celebrate and try new canned salsa recipes. 

Inherited many family heirlooms (Grandmother's doll my Aunt made, my mother's rings and hankies, and more).

Buried our good friend Gus.

Happy New Year's and may 2013 be full of blessings, love, and peace. 




Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bringing in the New Year ~ Out with the Old

As I sit here and reflect on this year, I think about all the experiences I had, as well as my family.

 I fed my family weeds. 

 I learned to stock up more of my garden and invested in a dehydrator. 
Took one weekend getaway with hubby and no kids.

 Took some kids camping. 

Glamped the camper for the first time.
Completed many craft/handiwork projects. 

 Built things with the family.  

 Took a Hearthside cooking class with my oldest daughter. 

 Learn to shoot a gun.

 Bought dairy goats.

Bought more goats.

Watched my daughter buy her horse.

Added more layers to our chicken coop.

Raised our own meat chickens.

Got snowed in and had fun in the snow.

Sent one daughter to see Washington, D.C. for the her first time.

Added new flowers to my flower beds.

Built my first scarecrow.

Baked homemade bread.

Watched many sunrises.

Watched many sunsets.

Watched the moon.

Made the garden larger this year.

Taught myself how to knit.

Taught myself how to do needle tatting.

Participated in National Novel Writing Month for the second year.

Planted redbud trees from a seed.

Thanks for reading this long blog post of reflections.  There was a lot more too!  Happy New Year!