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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

New Tea ~ Down Memory Lane


Giving this new tea a try.  It is similar to the Traditional Medicinal teas, and it is good.  I have also ordered something new to try.

The carpet is all out upstairs.  It is almost completely out of the stairway as well.  It may be an all year long project, but at least the carpet is gone.

I got my stand for my starter seeds moved.  I'm starting seeds two weeks earlier than last year.  I do need to check the grow lights today.

There were a total of 9 deer out early evening last night.  I heard my husband talking and looking out the window saying, "you all better stay over there."  Ha ha!  They were all out eating the winter wheat.  The temperatures have dropped to the single digits, so it is back to cold here.

Down memory lane:   

I was looking for a specific photo and remembered I made flan for a fiesta/salsa party/tasting night.  That was the first and last time I made flan, but it was good!  You can read about the year I canned several different salsas and our fun food fest  HERE.

Our first goats!  Golly what a memory!  Reflections of 2011 can be read HERE.  We haven't had goats now for many years.  I do miss the milk, soap and cheeses.


M. Meyers said...

Have you ever posted your ketchup and taco sauce recipes? I made ketchup this past summer but it was not delicious. Your taco sauce sounds good. those parties sound delightful!
Thank you, Mary

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

M.Meyers, I will get those recipes out and scan them for you. We love both recipes.

Faith said...

ooh that Flan looks good, I like it when we go to the Mexican Restaurant. I used to find the pkg kind at the store, I'll have to look for them again, it is a very good desert.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Faith, thank you. It was very good. The topping is a bit of work to make as you heat sugar to create it.