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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Weekend Work ~ What's Growing and What's Not

Sunrise from a few days ago.  We are finally getting rain this morning.  Even thunderstorms.

Now that we have car shopping off the list, we can get back to other jobs this weekend.  Youngest daughter now has her own car and can drive to school.  No more long bus rides and she's very very happy.

What was on the weekend work list?  Well, cutting more trees.  That's done.  We had to put a new part in our other daughter's car and pray it's the fix for it.

I had to make homemade cinnamon rolls too, for a breakfast with the family.  Why I volunteered rolls is beyond me.  Sigh.  I know they'll appreciate them, but I'm cutting them all in half so I (he he) don't have to make two pans for the entire clan.  I also had to make 2 pans of over night baked french toast.  

Schools are starting, so it's already an onslaught of fundraisers for youngin's in our family.  I'm only going to do a few this year.  They are getting too expensive.

Among the weeds, my gladys are starting to bloom.  I'm getting a few pink and white right now.

Second picking of beans.  Pretty pathetic.  Just a rotten year.  Probably our worst ever.  I'm about ready to pull tomato stakes too.  I am pretty sure, unless we have a warm fall (and a wet one), we'll get nothing from the 50-some plants and it just makes me sick.  We didn't get more than a few red raspberries this year, and now the blackberries are dying off before even ripening.  

Has anyone ever put scrambled eggs in a crock pot for a group breakfast or brunch?  Just wondering if they dry out or if it can be done successfully?  


Granny_J said...

I use this recipe I found on the net. I've made them twice with success.

Faith said...

Paying a return visit, thank you for stopping over. I've never made eggs in the crock pot..Cinnamon rolls so good, but a lot of work, but well worth it. Looking forward to cooler temperature of the fall, and my oven will be working overtime. If you have an AC Moore near you, or can look online, they have sugar cream yarn 1.99. We have a new store near us here in the citified. I've been in a few times. They have a nice selection of yarn, but no crochet thread....not that I need any..I really am trying to use up stash from the tub.

Kristina said...

Thank you so much Granny_J

Kristina said...

Thanks Faith, no AC Moore here, just Hobby Lobby, Wal-mart and Michaels. Sometimes I find it at Meijer, but pricy.

RB said...

Gee, sorry your garden has been so bad, but I think many farmers down here have faced the same thing due to this weird weird weather. Praying God will provide another way.
My main chore this weekend has been catching up with sleep. I didn't sleep well at all, all last week, so yesterday I was falling asleep in the recliner. Bro said for me to go to bed. So I did and slept and slept. So now maybe that's done. LOL
Have to clean the hummer feeders and that's about it for now. Glad to be back to walking well, or as well as I ever did anyway, so I can do these things.
Tomorrow, grocery shopping early morning before the crowds start. And then probably working on the quilt for a great-niece some more. Been working on it for a while. Very pretty pink squares with roses and such. But I really need a better set up for doing it because it keeps slipping, and it's aggravating (and time consuming) to set it all right every single time.
But such is life. Isn't it. LOL Some people have it so much worse. Prayers for them for sure, and for us all to have a great week, and a safe one.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, thanks. I haven't been sleeping all that well either, but got some good hours in last night.