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Monday, July 10, 2017

SIL updates ~ ...from the handiwork journal

We did a lot of hospital hopping in the last few days.  During our visits I couldn't read, and like to keep my hands moving.  I took along a bag of handiwork, whether we went by car or motorcycle.  I visited with family/friends while we all took turns visiting sister "L."  She is still in ICU.

Quick update on the sisters.  Sister "L" was getting her heart balloon removed on Sunday, and weaned of heart pump.  They removed the vent Saturday night.  The procedure for the heart pump took several hours, so we didn't get to visit.  The plan is for two stents to go in on Tuesday.   Sister "P" is doing much better and might be going home soon.  Everyone is back to work today, so sister "L" gets a day of rest before the procedure.  However, even though we were called last night and sister "L" was doing well, we got a call at 5:49am this morning.
The family was called in to the hospital.  Sister "L" is having trouble breathing and her blood pressure is very low.  At 6:42am, I got another call after Hubby went to work.  She was heading to surgery to get the stents in.  I was also told they had to shock her heart this morning to bring her back.  This is very risky, so we will pray and wait.

UPDATE:  2:54pm.  The surgery went well, and she is in an induced coma to keep her heart rested (under sedation).  In a day or so, they plan to remove vent and heart balloon again.  So far, she is doing well. Thank you all for the prayers, well wishes and good thoughts. 

We had to head home yesterday, because our almost 21 year-old "vet-tech" daughter wanted her Dad to change the oxygen sensor in her car.  She had taken her car to the car parts store, had them put it on the computer, and that was the part not working.  

We got home, put the car on the jack, and guess what?  She had a gas leak.  Hubby fixed it, and she gets to take the$50-some dollar part back.  I'm glad she brought it over.

Grass was mowed, my new weight bench put together by my "vet-tech" daughter, and I baked a pie.

I had just prepared the blueberries the day I got the call that we were heading to the hospital.  I put them in the fridge, and finally baked it last night.  A King Flour recipe, and it was very good.  The blueberries were prepared in wine.  I couldn't find blueberry wine, so I used what I could get "fruity."   The crusts are made with organic butter (pre-made crumbles and put into the freezer until needed), and the blueberry mix contains no white granulated sugar (1 cup of confectioners sugar).

I have a recipe to experiment with an einkorn flour pie crust, so that will be our next pie if we locate more blueberries.  Our source closed, and so far, no one I know can tell me where there are "You Pick" farms or otherwise (Michigan blueberries).  If any of you have a tried and true recipe using einkorn, I'd love to try it.  It would be so much healthier for us.  I just hate to waste ingredients on new recipes that fail.

While hospital hopping, I still ran out to the garden to pick what was needed (to deal with later).  Weeding'l have to wait. It's thunder-storming out this morning.

  ~  A boat load of chard, and more peas.  The zucchini is just about ready to start harvesting.  Tomatoes are now on, and will need tied up again this week.  Bell peppers are on too.

Here are a few updates on my handiwork projects.  By the way, I found a few more unfinished projects in my closet, ha ha!

 ....finished 4 (one not photographed) crocheted bracelets.  If I can find more buttons that fit these, I'll make a few more. a few more granny squares made for the baby blanket.  Only 24 more to make.  I crocheted about 3 at the hospital visit in the above photo.

....two knitted dishcloths in the making.  I didn't quite get that red, white and blue one done for the 4th.

....I sort of forgot about this baby blanket, but it's progressing too.

There are no projects on my afghan hook, nor the tatting needle nor the cro-tatting needle.

I have a few Christmas gifts in the making, but those projects are slow going. 

I'll update you on the SIL's when I have solid information.  


Mama Pea said...

I make my pie crust recipe using all einkorn flour and it turns out just fine. I wrote about it in a post back in January of this year. ( I make my crusts using half lard and half butter. The only thing different when using the all einkorn flour is that it takes less ice water added to the other ingredients to make a dough of the right consistency. I'm thinking using your own tried and true pie crust recipe would give you good results if you just watch how much water you need to incorporate when mixing it up.

Sending healing thoughts to your relatives who are dealing with the very serious medical issues.

Sam I Am...... said...

So sorry to hear about your SIL's....scary! I pray things work out and they recover in better condition. Love the pretty too! You should post to our Ravelry group 'Come Blog Along' as you have so many lovely projects going! I love every one of them!

Susan said...

I get the majority of my handwork done while waiting for things. That blueberry pie looks so good! I hope your SIL gets through the procedure and is able to heal. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, the pie crust recipe I use is part lard and part butter too. I'll have to read your post (again). Thank you for your well wishes too.

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, I will definitely consider that "blog along." Thank you as well for the good thoughts.

Kristina said...

Susan, thank you so much! Yes, the pie was absolutely delicious. Now I just have to make crusts with einkorn flour.

Kristina said...

Phooey, Mama Pea! The link didn't work.

Rain said...

How scary to hear about both SIL's. The idea of the paddles to shock the heart is something that makes me very nervous to even think about. I hope they both recover soon. Horrible thing to be in a hospital.

On a good note, your pie looks so delicious Kristina!

Kristina said...

Rain, I haven't gotten an update yet on the SIL's. I'm not sure they are reducing her sedated state just yet. Thank you on the pie. I don't bake pies very often. Hubby has begged for an apple pie for two years. He got one homemade pumpkin one for Thanksgiving, because I was becoming sick and didn't feel good. I had planned to bake the blueberry pie for two years now, and finally did it. Pies sort of make me nervous, like breads used to. I just have to practice a wee bit more. One year I canned apple pie filling. I haven't done that in years.

Mama Pea said...

Blast and dang, I see the link didn't work! I'll re-do it today so you can get it. Cross your fingers . . .

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I found it! Woohoo! I just searched at the top left with your blogpost title. Thanks.

Mama Pea said...

Sorry I didn't get around to updating that wonky link I sent you today. It was a busy, busy day around ye ol' homestead. (Can you relate?)
But I'm so glad you found it yourself.

RB said...

Continuing in prayer for your sisters. Surprised you can get anything else done with running from hospital to hospital, as the traveling and worrying can make one so weary.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Thank you Mama Pea.

Kristina said...

RB, I exercise every day before leaving the house (minus a few). I am trying to stay in shape/healthy and we are encouraging the family to take turns staying at the hospital, so they are all healthy when his sister is back home.