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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Funny ~ Flooded

I have to tell you all about this.  Sort of a family funny in a state of complete worry.

The last time we went up to see sister "L" they wouldn't let us in.  The nurses said "give us 30 minutes." So we visited with family and waited. 

At the time to ring the desk again, his BIL said, "tell them you are Donald Trump." 

Well, he did, ha ha ha ha!  The desk was closed, so you had to call the nurses and they would open the doors etc.  A couple sitting close to the desk starting laughing and it just made everyone's night.  They let us in too, ha ha ha! 

Also, I have an update on her at the end of this post.

So about the flooded part.

Woke up to this.  We got more rain last night and we are flooded out.  Literally.  The garden is totally under water.  It stayed dry yesterday, but everything was flooded. Then more rain last night.  And more is on the way.  

There are idiot drivers racing through that water, even though the city put high water signs out.  The river is flooded, and the water as no where to go but over the road and into the front yard.  Any more, and we'll see water in the house.  This is bad.  Very bad.  Please keep us in prayers along with Hubby's sister.  Hubby is at work, and we have never, ever, dealt with water coming all the way to the house.  I am praying it has time to go down before the next rainfall.

I have a sick kiddo right now too.  Youngest.  I plan on whipping up some homemade ginger-ale for her, and I hope she is feeling better today.

The update.  Sister "P" is back home where she needs to be.  As for sister "L".....the heart pump is only approved until this Friday.  She, as of late last night was running her own heart at 25% and nodded her head to respond to questions.   She may be getting her own room today.  I won't know any updates until later today possibly.

I, even though Hubby said stay out of it, went into the garden to pick what I could.  I saw half of it flooded, and just about cried.

I first attempted in flip flops, but the ground was so saturated it sucked my feet in by about 2 inches.  I stepped back out, and got my muck boots.  As you can see, I had a horrible time, and held onto my pea fence.

I brought in this.  The west side of the garden is completely under water.   This means half of my heirloom pumpkins, popcorn, all of the straight neck yellow squash, half of the potatoes, peas and more. The east side saturated.  
We don't need any more rain, but someone told me more is on the way and even dangerous storms.  I hope the weather man is wrong and we dry up.  I really, really do.

Although completely, and utterly, totally exhausted, Hubby and I went to town to visit his sister "P" (as mentioned above, we found out later had been discharged).  During the same trip we delivered Dad dinner.  I baked banana bread, made spaghetti with my second to last quart of tomato sauce (makes one delicious spaghetti sauce), pulled green beans from the freezer, and roasted brussels sprouts with radishes.  I was one very tired Mom at the end of the day and over the top exhausted.


Mama Pea said...

Kristina! What are we going to do with you?? You do NOT want a repeat of that last hospitalization for YOU. Please, please let go of whatever is necessary to let go of and get some rest. I know this is easy for me to say with no loved ones in the hospital, no sick child at home and the rain threatening flood out your garden but you trying to do too much under so much stress and strain will not turn out well in the end. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and sending good vibrations. Do take care.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, thank you for that advice. I do NOT want to get sick. No way.

Susan said...

Oh, I hope the flood subsides - that is the last thing you need. I am also echoing Mama Pea - PLEASE take care of yourself! I know you have a lot of stressors right now, but see if you can't take a little time every day for yourself. Why is it so difficult for us to say "No"? You are all in my thoughts, as well.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, thank you!

RB said...

Wow!!! I hope your garden is ok after all that rain. Maybe if you can get the pumpkins and such off the ground (carefully) onto a thick layer of hay, you might could save them.
Glad your one SIL has been released from the hospital. Continuing in prayer for the other.
The Trump joke is funny, although some people may have locked you out instead of letting you in. LOL
Prayers everyone has a great weekend, and a safe one too.
God bless.