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Thursday, July 27, 2017

This and That

When I said I was down for the count with a bum shoulder, I took Tuesday completely off.  However, farmer's picked the very moment to spray their poisons, right after I sat down at the porch.  He sprayed for almost 3 hours and the wind was blowing our way.  The very next morning, the airplane crop duster was out dumping his poison on another nearby crop.  Soybean fields around here are sprayed several times a season (sadly).

I am refraining from heavy lifting and lifting above my head, which means the girls have to put laundry on the line, carry in garden bounty, water high hanging porch pots, vacuum, etc. etc.  I continue to use my comfrey salve and with resting my shoulder.  Yesterday, Graduate Daughter had my car the entire day, cleaning Grandma's carpets and shopping with her.  She arrived home at 6pm, only to tell me that work called her in to work at 8pm.  There was no going to the doctor.  I may have to have Hubby drive me after work, to the Urgent care, which I don't want.  I'd rather see my own doctor.

I bit of history.  The day after I fell the only thing that hurt was my shoulder.  Even though I landed on my bum too.  The pain went away, but after I started lifting weights (sometime after our hospital hop days) over my head, the pain came in full force.  I think I aggravated it.

So.  Since I was forced inside all afternoon (sadly when the weather was absolutely beautiful), I played in the kitchen.  It was simple playing so don't worry - no heavy pots.  I crocheted in between stirring it.

I made a new recipe - sorghum stove top "baked" beans.
The recipe is here, but they mislead you by showing the beans in a baking dish.  Read all through the recipe, and you'll see it's all stove top, which was super easy.  I had exactly 3 cans of organic cannellini beans.  I used those, along with my homemade canned ketchup, and local sorghum (and all other organic ingredients).  The recipe calls for 1/2 of a green and 1/2 of a red bell pepper.  I had one green one from the garden, so that's what I used.  I have to say, this was pretty good.  The family gobbled it up.   I'm tracking my protein right now, and just 1 cup of these beans provides about 12 g. of daily protein.

Picked our first blackberries. Many more on, and my "pie pan banger" is keeping the animals away until I get my net over them (still on the "list").

Proud Mom Moments:  Army daughter planted a small container vegetable garden this year, and sent me a picture - lettuce, beans and peppers.  Vet-Tech daughter not only asked for my baked Mac n' cheese recipe, but made it (without the homemade "condensed" cheddar cheese soup).    She sent photos.  They said it tasted so good they devoured half the pan, ha ha ha! 

Not being able to afford $9.00/lb. real (locally raised, grass fed, no chemicals of any sort) ground beef to re-stock, I dug out a ham bone to make some soup beans and cornbread last night.  I didn't have ham, so the ham bone came in handy.  It stretched out yet another meal, but one vegetarian daughter had to scramble for herself.

I don't have an update on Sister "L" but I was told Sister "P" was back in the hospital.  Not sure the particulars.  Hubby said he needed a "break" from hospitals. 

I got a tiny bit of porch time before dinner, and our hummingbird has visited me twice.  Our gladiolas are blooming, and he/she loves them.


Susan said...

Kristina, it sounds like a torn rotator cuff to me. Depending on the severity of the tear, you may be able to heal with PT. Let's hope so! The leased field next to me is sprayed with Roundup on a routine basis - I had called the farmer who leases it, asking if they would consider NOT continuing to do so, and he told me to relax - it 'goes away' in 30 days. I informed him there is no 'away'. There is only my water table. It's so frustrating. Glad the girls are stepping up to help.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I had a bad feeling it was a torn rotator cuff too. I hope to get it looked at at least. The girls are helping full swing today. I am canning again.

RB said...

Sounds like you've been very busy in spite of your shoulder injury. I worked 3 days this week instead of the usual 2. I was miserable on Wednesday with pain in the torn rotator cuff and the spine deterioration, so work Wednesday was hard. But I was better by Friday when they called me in, so that was a blessing.
Prayers for our healing and for anyone who needs it.
Prayers also for a GREAT weekend, and a SAFE one too.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you for the healing prayers RB. Glad you felt better by Friday.