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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

More tidbits - mostly garden-ish related

Zucchini is on in full force, so it's been the typical recipes, freezing etc. Zucchini was chopped into teeny tiny bits.  I canned our first seasonal 10 pints of famous zucchini salsa.
Hubby swears every year that he'll buy a tractor, mow down the pasture, plant hundreds of zucchini plants, bell peppers, onions, and paste tomatoes - to sell this salsa.    Not happening.  That second picture is day 1 of chopping vegetables up.  Day 2, is peeling 5 cups of purchased organic romas (because mine are not red yet), and canning the first batch. That's the only problem with canning this salsa - zucchini is in full force early, but tomatoes ripen much later. 

I also made our delicious dinner - Zucchini Linguine Walnut Dinner.  Mmmm!  We love this dish.

I've been off the blip-blog-a-sphere for a few days.   I've been picking lots of vegetables.

 (yes, more squash, but the yellow has many with mold from the recent overflow of rain)

We got our first green bean picking - not many. Some plants died.  I was happy to see most of my beet greens in good shape.  Some went into the freezer, and some went...

...into our tummy - wild rice with beet greens, turkey topped with hot banana pepper mustard sauce, and roasted beets with onion/rosemary/thyme.  I planted heirloom/organic/non-gmo Cylindra beets this year.  I am very happy with the outcome - more bang for the buck.  The beets are longer, providing more food per seed.  They are sweet and delicious.  This is the first year most of my beet greens have been bug free (and naturally).

I'm back to my "extreme clean" whether I wanted to or not. My bedroom is getting a overhaul cleaning job - all woodwork wiped down, wall trim, doors, door jams, etc.  In the process I found the last kitchen cupboard knob that needed installed.  Not sure how it wound up in my bedroom, but it's found.

I have enlisted the help of two girls in the extreme clean too.  They have been wiping down other house doors, and windows.  Floor trim is getting a good dusting, and so is the entire house.

As for the barn debris?  We found a home for many of the old barn beams, but much remains for us to clean up.

Update on sister "L" is that her blood pressure improved from 99 over 38 to 130 over  48. She is awake, nods her head to questions, and is doing better each day.  As of this morning her lower number has gone up to the 50's, and she is responding, and has even laughed (despite vent still in). 


Rain said...

Hi Kristina :) That's good news about your sister in law. What a scary time. Your zukes look great...not a bad idea to bottle and sell that salsa!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Rain, the zucchini is doing very well this year. I ran out of ice already today, ha ha!

Sam I Am...... said...

Your veggies look so good...wish they were mine! LOL! Glad your SIL is doing better...what happened? Good for you with the cleaning....I so need to do that but it seems I can't keep up with it all until the yardwork season ends. Of course, it is just me, myself and I! LOL!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, his sister "L" had a heart attack. They had to use the paddles to bring her back twice while in the hospital. She is still in there as of 7/28.