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Monday, May 1, 2017

Ball Lids ~ Sinus Help ~ Lilac Lemonade ~ Vegetable Garden

Has anyone cut themselves on Ball canning lids they bought last summer/fall?  So far, one of my daughter's and myself, have seriously cut our finger opening a jar.  They seem to have a sharper edge.  Maybe it was just the boxes I bought?  Well, I emailed them, and they are telling me they are not making them different, but I think they are.  I've never cut myself opening a jar.  Both of us had deep, throbbing cuts that probably should have had stitches.  Just some Ball lid canter.....and wondering if anyone else had this happen.

I went to the health store to re-stock my "Thieves" oil.  I have it in parenthesis, because they make it themselves and call it something else.  Anyway, while I was there I picked up this....

I was told they can't keep enough in stock.  It's for sinus infections and sinus related issued. I've used it twice, and it works great.  In fact, I think it works better than the salt water nasal spray I have been using.

A good friend told me about Lilac Lemonade.  If I get more blossoms after this cold spell (I doubt I will), I want to make some.  Has anyone made it and liked it? 

We are calling around for English walnut trees.  So far, we've found one nursery with 10 foot trees, at $175.00 each.  Or we could buy teeny starts and wait years and years.  It will take 4-8 years to get our first harvest of nuts, so I'm opting for the larger tree, although more expensive than I expected.

We ended the evening with grilling out dinner, and playing cards on the porch.  It stormed, cooling off and removing the humidity.  The mowing was not finished, and the grass is growing like crazy.  

More rain today.  It's all good - the peas are up, the radishes are up, the potatoes are up, the chard is up, and the kale is up.  It's all good.


Vicki said...

I often use canning jars for leftovers in my fridge or to store dry goods. I save used canning lids for this purpose. I have sliced my fingers on the lids at least twice that I can think of. Once while removing a lid from a jar and again while washing one along with my dishes in the kitchen sink. I have been canning for well over 50 years without incident. The cuts occurred within this past year. I don't know if the lids were Ball or Kerr, but I don't suppose it matters as Ball and Kerr are one in the same.

Rain said...

Hi Kristina :) How nice, playing cards on the deck! Alex and I love to play cards too. It doesn't seem to be something people do anymore. I guess some couples prefer to sit in front of each other staring at their smart phones...something we saw a lot of when we went for dinner the other night! Crazy.

Lilac lemonade...we have a lilac tree that is only just now starting to blossom. I'll have to look that up. Maybe I can make some myself.

Kristina said...

Vicki, that is strange. This is the first year for any one of us to get cut on the lids. I would write to them and tell them. The more people report it, the better they'll make the lid.

Kristina said...

Rain, if you make the lemonade I'd love to know if it's tasty or not.

Mama Pea said...

I've never cut myself on a canning jar lid, but you better believe I'm going to be very careful from now on when around them! Good thing to be aware of. And, like everything else, I'm betting the manufacturing company is cutting corners and making them cheaper . . . maybe using thinner metal and skipping the process of smoothing off the edges. Dang.

Debby Flowers said...

Sorry about your cuts - haven't experienced this or heard of anyone else. Checked my drawer, they are all Kerr - I did not know they are the same thing - but why am I not surprised. Lilac lemonade? Will have to give that a try. Snow storm here today! The lilacs are just budding so they are safe.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I noticed they had sharper edges when I washed the lids. I hope they are not cutting corners.

Kristina said...

Debby, the lemonade was delicious.