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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Random Tidbits

What's been on the breakfast plate lately?

Eggs over easy with chives, ancient organic grain bread topped with rhubarb-ginger jam.

I didn't post on Monday.  Not because Hubby took the day off Monday.  Not because we delivered our now moved out vet-tech daughter's mattress and book shelf (Sigh).  Not because I took Youngest Daughter to the doctor (who has strep).  But because Hubby did an amazing thing for me.

He planned a surprise early birthday party for me on Sunday.   I had slept in to regain my lost sleep, and thought I was going on a "birthday" motorcycle ride and out to dinner at a Bistro.

Ha!  He was so sneaky too.  Only one thing happened Sunday that made me go "huh?" and that was my oldest daughter showing up.  Said she was taking the girls out to coffee so we could have our "date" dinner.  My younger two drove off in my car, with oldest in her Jeep.  I got some sort of explanation, and then I didn't think about it. 

They left, we dressed for the ride, and left.  First we went to the gas station to fill up and test the weather.  If it was windy we'd still go to the Bistro, if not, we'd taker a longer destination.  I went inside for a water, and when I came out Hubby said that his nephew called and we would be stopping along the way for a fundraiser.  


We parked the bike, got off, and he practically shoved me into the doorway.


Not only that, he had my girlfriends from high school there (one drove 3 hours).  My old work friends from when I met Hubby, his family, my family, biker friends and more!!!

They cooked all the food, supplied all the wine and booze, AND....AND!

Hubby hired a band for the party!!  

I love to dance, and haven't danced since I don't know when.  My high school friends and I danced our socks off! 

Oh my gosh.  Soooooooooooooo much fun!

The party ended at 8pm, and I was so high on life.  Best thing my Hubby has done (so far, and he's on a roll this year).  I have never, ever had a birthday party growing up.  Like ever.  We've done cake and ice cream with the kids, but not a party.  He really rocked this one.  

Then he gifted me a ring with two heart stones, our names engraved, and on the inside "Soul mates."

I cried.  I laughed.  I danced and danced and danced.  Oh, and they sent the wine home with me.  I'll be toasting my birthday again, on my birthday. 

Here is the cake Hubby's niece baked and frosted from scratch.  She hand cut that cake and oh my.  We all loved it.  We all had black lips and tongues, but so worth it. And you can bet I was thinking "is this dye in the frosting going to kill me?" ha ha!

He is so awesome.  I had SUCH a good time. 

As for why he took the day off?  Well, he planned this very, very well.  The car was driven by my 17 year-old to drive us home in so we had a driver after drinking.  Once we arrived, he drove his Harley to a family members house to store for the night.  He even had youngest sneak into my closet to fetch suitable "dancing shoes" because he knew I'd have on leather biker boots.  Oh he planned this very well.  There were some folks he couldn't get in touch with, and some that didn't get back to him. Some that didn't know how to get in touch. We didn't see all the family, but we had a very very good time.

Gosh I love that man!  He took Monday off so we could sleep in, and have our 17 year-old drop us off to pick up the Harley (and go on another ride).  

This morning, reality hit.  I have to get back to work.  I asked him if I could milk this out and celebrate our birthdays all month. We laughed and laughed.

It's 35 degrees this morning.  Just a bit chillier than I'd like for May.  That's okay.  I have to get back to my exercise, although I danced for 4 hours off and on on Sunday.  I'm so glad I have been exercising.  I escaped injury by being in shape.  Just a sore knee, ha ha!


Vicki said...

That's probably the best story of a surprise party I've heard. So Happy Birthday from me to you. And your Hubby - I think he is a keeper. :)

Susan said...

What a guy! And how amazing that that many people were able to keep it a secret! Happy Birthday - whenever it really is and all the days around it!

Kristina said...

Thank you Vicki. I had such a good time.

Kristina said...

Thank you Susan. He was so sneaky. About a month ago he asked who I would want invited if we would renew wedding vows (with a big crowd). Ha! He was asking to figure out which of my friends to try and contact for the birthday party.

Susan said...

I forgot to comment on that cake - it is amazing! Does she do this for a living? If not, she should!

Rain said...

Happy Birthday!!! What fun:) I'm glad you had a great time, and your hubby really took care of every detail! The worst thing about having you own party outside the house is knowing you have to drive home! :) And I gushed about the soul mates :) Alex calls me his soul mate almost daily and I just melt every time :))

Kristina said...

Susan, she makes cakes on the side. She has a full time job, but still makes cakes. I hired her to make the graduation cake for our 17 year-old. I can make one, but I am going to need the help too. She makes wedding cakes too.

Kristina said...

Rain, he had that building filled with people. I don't think we could have fit too many more in there. He did an awesome job.

Sam I Am...... said...

Okay, how did I miss this post? I was feelin gso bad for you on your birthday but not now! LOL! How wonderful was your birthday!!!! Your hubby is one in a million! ih ave never even had a birthday cake unless I made it and that has just been in the past few years. Never had a party and growing up my parents never celebrated my birthday but my Aunts would send me gifts each year. I've given lots of parties for others...surprise and showers and you name it but no one has ever done it for me. At my age now I'm not holding my breath so I have learned to 'give yourself what you don't receive from others' and nowadays my birthday is a big least to me! LOL! So glad you had such a wonderful one!

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, we had so much fun, and the girls told me they didn't need to tell me "Happy Birthday" on my birthday because we "already celebrated" it, ha ha! It's been a week long celebration.