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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Random-ness ~ Garden

I've noticed, that now that we are down to just 4 people living here, my costs have reduced greatly.  I have reduced my purchases of organic milk, sugar, peanut butter, coffee, and more.  I'll admit, even toilet paper costs reduced.  Our electric bill should be much lower now too.  

Handmade thank you notes went out to a few people.  Hubby said if I thanked everyone at my party, it was not necessary to send another thank you out.  Anyway, I made these by adhering scrap fabric to cardstock, then used a marker to make dashes around it, and on the back I have a stamp that says " Inspired by Life, Created by Hand, One-of-a-kind art created by......."  It's a circle stamp and I sign it.

I'm having trouble with my lavender seedlings.  They came up, but are dying off.  I have tried different amounts of rain water, and put them in a sunny window.  Even so, they drooped over and only few remain.  So delicate to work with.  Not sure I want to order more organic seeds yet.  I want the real plant, but sheesh.

Organic baby bellas were on clearance, so I bought several and sliced them up.  I dehydrated them for the next upcoming winter.  They will come in handy for many recipes. 

Tomatoes that I started indoors are now planted.  I even put in the stakes so I didn't have to go back out and do that chore.   This is just the beginning of the rest of my planting.  Hubby helped me plant 24 bell pepper plants last night too. I also planted a flat of marigolds in the flower beds, another new rosemary plant and more chives (I lost a lot of them over last winter for some odd reason, possibly field mice).

Started some fermented cabbage for Hubby and I.  The kids won't eat it, but we will.  After getting sick last fall, I am making sure we get fermented foods, as well as pickled foods.  

Now, if the rain would arrive like it was supposed to, then I won't have to go out and water the popcorn we planted too.  There will be a lot of grass in the popcorn patch this summer, but I don't care.  Hubby didn't till it a second time, and it was a bit messy, and I wasn't telling him.  As he tilled the remainder of the garden, I dropped the seeds and said a little "grow" prayer for the popcorn.

I am so, so, so, tired today.  Last night, upon returning tools to their proper place, Hubby and I were stumbling on our own feet we were beyond tired.  He had to go to work before helping me, so I knew he was tired.  I even got some weeding down in the flower beds and got the coop cleaned.  The run has yet to get put in, but I pulled the fencing out of the overgrown grass, so maybe after this rain I'll accomplish that task.

My knees hurt, my back hurts, my arms hurt.  I quickly forget how much muscle and joint is needed to put the garden in.  I'm not complaining...just sharing my painful truths.

I just checked the weather.  Looks like 90% chance of rain at 1pm.  I won't have to water my zinnia seeds either.  Thank goodness.  Although that leaves me time to plant either cucumbers or squash, pinto beans or even green beans.....I'll skip it today.


Tracy Chadfield said...

I feel your pain, I am aching all of the time but love the results so much that it's worth it - and I get that you're not complaining, just sharing :) never heard of fermented cabbage, I'll need to look in to it.

Kristina said...

Tracy, the cabbage is basically sauerkraut with simply cabbage and salt. It's my first time making it in a glass fermenter. You can add carrots too. I too am so happy for the garden bounty we get.

Sandra said...

It has been wet here, none of our spring seeds came up :(
Hoping to get the garden in this week and next, hopefully the weather cooperates!

Susan said...

I love your thank you notes! So clever! I'm always so glad to have the planting done - but I always forget about the weeding...

Rain said...

Hi Kristina :)) I felt that way the other day when my porch was almost done, every thing hurt and I had trouble getting going yesterday morning. I love the thank you notes, that is not something people do anymore, it's all e-thanks...I'm a letter-writer and I think sending thank you's is a wonderful thing to do! So you're having trouble with the lavender? I bought some and I'll be planting it next week, I hope I have some good luck with them.

Mama Pea said...

Whenever I get achy from garden work, I think of it as good exercise for my body and then good nutrition for my body when the harvest comes. It's a good achy, ouchy, strained muscle kinda tired though, isn't it?

Kristina said...

Sandra, we had more rain last night, but today I saw a rabbit in my garden. Hm. Rabbit for dinner?

Kristina said...

Susan, we are far from finishing our planting. Our early stuff is up, but we haven't gotten seeds in for other things like squash, beans, cucumbers etc. Thank you for the compliment on the thank you cards. They were fun to make.

Kristina said...

Rain, I bought organic seeds, to make sure my lavender wasn't a fake strain of it (for medicinal herbal reasons). I am not sure the real lavender is sold organic in our stores (in plant form).

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, you are right about the achy part. I had to laugh because I sent a text to Hubby yesterday morning and scolded him for not kissing me before he left. He texted back, "I couldn't bed over" ha ha ha ha!