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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, May 19, 2017

Nettle ~ Lemon Balm ~ Allergy Tea and Me

I'll have to start getting outside much earlier to pick nettle.  I was out a 7:30am, but the bees were already awake and swarming.  It appears ants like nettle too.  I salvaged what I could.  Then it was a full workout inside, then back to the garden and flower beds.  I managed to un-bury the raspberry bushes, and clean up the roses out by the roadside.  I brought in a very large tick also.  I had a hat on, and it fell from my hair (also tied up) and onto my shoulder.  Thankfully, I saw it before it attached.  It was very large, and I never get ticks.  I had forgotten to put on my tick oil (won't do that again).

The temperature heated up to 87°F so I
managed to quit before over-doing it.  I brought in more lemon balm and got that dehydrating, but that took much of my time as well.  No housework was done.  Zero. Oh wait, I spent about 10 minutes picking up in my own bedroom.

The tea infusion on the left is my "allergy" tea.  The one on the right is simply mullein.  When I came indoors, I was congested and had a sore throat.  I'm mixing up my allergy tea this year and plan to dry some golden rod this fall (for next year).  This current one contains more than nettle.  If it works better than just nettle, I will post the recipe.

All from the garden, and herb garden - roasted asparagus with rosemary.  Yum.   Believe it or not, our asparagus is still providing, and there is more coming up.  I'm also glad I had 8 last stuff peppers in the freezer too.  Dinner was super easy.

While dinner was in the oven, my tired Hubby was home from work somewhat on time.  He remembered to bring home dog food, then went straight out to the tomato patch to till for me.  However, it was halted as fast it he started.  A huge downpour fell from the sky.  The weatherman said no chance of rain until 9pm, and only 40%.  Glad I told him "no" to a motorcycle ride, and asked for the tilling to be done.  When he resumes after the ground dries up, he's teaching me so I can till while he's at work.  It's not a small one, so he's been hesitant, and looking to buy me a smaller one to use.

So today?  Well, the ground is too wet to weed anything, and there is not enough tilling done to plant tomato plants and bell peppers plants, or seeds etc.  Looks like I'm indoors today, which greatly needs it.  By evening I may try weeding a smaller flower bed.

Dinner is another easy one - turkey breast in one crock pot and veggies in another. 

The truck is done.  Now to figure a way to go get it after they close.  Hubby may drive directly there, pay them, get the keys and we'll go back for it - a lot of driving, but they were not expensive - $70.00.  I might.  Just might, get my car back to myself.  Just in time to pick up some plants for the vegetable garden. 


RB said...

Whew!!! You ARE busy.
Today I got a load of cat blankets out, all flats, before the neighbor started sending up great clouds of dust redoing his yard with a tractor.
I got the chickens fed and watered, then got the hummingbird feeders all brought in, cleaned and refilled. I still need to fill the bird feeder, but I'll wait a day or two for that, because I'm trying to wean them off the bird feeder now that nicer weather is here, although feeding them in the feeder outside the kitchen window is like Kitty TV, and it keeps the birds out of the chicken feed too.
Got the flats all brought back in. Need to fold them. Gonna go sit down for a snack and sip, and get that folding done.
Prayers everyone's having a great weekend, and a safe one too.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, I had a humming bird fly under the porch and fly directly near me, then back out last week. A red and black one. First time for me to see one that wasn't green and yellow. Sounds like you are busy too.