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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pickled Hot Peppers

This is the recipe I used, only I did not have any serrano peppers.  I simply used thick cuts of banana pepper and one cut jalapeno pepper to each jar.  We have not tasted them yet, but hot to in a week.  We like to let it sit and allow all the flavors to permeate for a few days before opening one and tasting. 

Note:  We took one reviewer's tip, and added the peppers to the jars first, then added the boiled liquid into the jars.  Hubby may be trying these today even though it's only been about 2 days.  I'll update you on the flavor.

UPDATE: These had a good warm flavor with the jalapeno in the jars.  They are soft, not like crispy cucumber pickles.  They are good alone, or added to other recipes or sauces for flavor.  I definitely would add the peppers to the jar first, or you will have mushy peppers (if you boil them for 5 minutes per the original recipe).


Kim said...

I just love your posts.

I do pickled peppers 2 different ways, 1 is sweet and the other is like you buy in the store for pizza. I always add a 1/4 tsp.of alum to a quart jar to keep them crispy.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Kim. I did make a fridge banana pepper recipe using alum this year also. However, I added cayenne and it was not hot enough for dh. They were very crispy though.