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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Snack Time! ~ Garden Zucchini and Blueberries

I took an entire morning and afternoon, and reclaimed my kitchen.  I know in a few days it will be covered with tomatoes but I needed order (and a place to sit and eat).

This time, two kiddos helped.  We got it to almost the way I wanted it, but dinner called.

Those same two kiddos, shredded up 8 yellow straight neck squash for our favorite squash patties.  While they were shredding that, I was shredding a zucchini.

I made Blueberry Zucchini Snack Cake with Lemon Buttercream.  The recipe is "here."

I used my home canned applesauce in place of oil, and added homemade lemon extract to the frosting recipe (and more powdered sugar).  My family devoured it.  I hate to tell them, but I won't make it too often.  That frosting recipe uses a lot of butter.  

While the caked baked, I froze more blueberries.  I have another pie recipe to try, actually two, then the remaining blueberries will be frozen for winter.  

During my morning of reclaiming the kitchen, I did a re-count on canned goods.  I now have another list of what I need to make this fall.  It's all good.  

The humidity was so awful yesterday, that dinner was simply squash patties, watermelon and cake.  Ha!  Oh, and we enjoyed some zucchini salsa too.  I had a jar (not boil sealed) we needed to eat up.

No rain here.  Our chance for it last night went "poof" again.  

"A watering I will go, A watering I will go, Hi-ho the homesteader-o, A watering I will go....."


Susan said...

Kristina, do you use equal parts applesauce to oil when you replace? I have a lot of applesauce to use up and this sounds like a perfect way to do it. GF, of course. That IS a lot of butter! We were lucky to get rain this morning - after a summer of having the rain go north or south, but never over us, it is a relief.

Mama Pea said...

I'm afraid to click on that recipe for the zucchini/blueberry cake you made. Gosh, that looks good!

I made our first-of-the-season blueberry pie a couple of days ago. Sure was good. So far, the rest of the harvested berries have gone into the freezer or been eaten fresh.

We are still needing rain, too. Got a light sprinkling this morning while we were trying to get the blueberries picked before it got hot. Unfortunately, the rain wasn't enough to do much good. More forecast in the next day or two. Sure hope we get it.

Sue O said...

YUM! We love that squash pattie recipe. Thanks for reminding me of it, our squash this year hasn't done too well but there are a few that should be ready this weekend.

Sue O

Kristina said...

Susan, for the cake I did use half oil, half applesauce. I sometimes use all applesauce. The cake is so good, next time I may reduce the calories by doing a powdered sugar dusting or a glaze using our homemade lemon extract.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I made a pie yesterday, and really want to try another baked one this season (that uses frozen, so I can rotate out the older berries). We too are enjoying them fresh. No rain even as I type this. We got enough to put dots on the pavement yesterday, and "poof" they dried up. That was it.

Kristina said...

Sue O, I had only one yellow squash from our own garden, but Hubby's co-worker gifted us a whole bag. The kids hate the shredding part, but we all take turns. We only get them this time of year. So good!

RB said...

Sorry you didn't get rain again. We did, but now the oppressive heat has returned, and it will soon burn up all the rain the Lord brought to us.
It's been hot here too. About the only thing I ate all week was pimento cheese sandwiches. I simply didn't have the energy or desire for anything more, especially anything hot.
I pray everyone's getting ready for a wonderful weekend, and a safe one too.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, it's still hot and humid here too, and I've had no appetite either.

Sam I Am...... said...

Isn't it amazing that with all the rain and humidity there is still a need to water? Go figure? Thanks for the cake recipe. With AC here my appetite doesn't!