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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Garden Visit ~ Tornado Season Starts

Yesterday, I had to put my lavender heat pillow on my neck.  I'm spending many, many hours at the kitchen sink these days.  I picked another 21 lbs. of tomatoes, but left them sit on the table overnight.  I prayed that King would not be able to get to them, and tackled the other day's pickings.

Swiss chard, rosemary, comfrey, calendula, a tiny bit of fresh thyme for a tea infusion, and some wild growing dandelions.  It was all put up, dried, or blanched. 

 I still need to tackle this bowl-full of goodness.

I also brought in 2 buckets of red la soda potatoes.  Either we didn't get a good harvest due to the drought we fought, or these potatoes just don't produce well.  I'm going back to my red pontiac.  I think they did better as far as how many pounds we got.  These are smaller and less potatoes per starter potato.  I have many more to dig up.

Today, half of those tomatoes are in the pot already.  I need them off the table to spread out the potatoes to cure.  I may have to get a table set up in my utility room to keep them safe from my pain in the precious dog King.

I got smart this time too.  I cut up the tomatoes and got them through the sauce maker before exercise.  Then I have a head start on that reduction that takes all day.  I messed up on sauce day, and was putting them in the canner at 9pm.  I started way too late.  After cutting up 45 lbs. of tomatoes, 10 lbs. is nothing.

One of my girls (our baby), had a not-so-good first day of school - first day of high school.  Her locker stuck, she had an anxiety attack, and then missed the bus home.  Her older sister had her back.  She texted me right away that her sister missed the bus, so I sent my son over to get her.  Her ipod was dead and she could not text me to tell me she needed a ride, but thankfully, her sister had the phone and it was charged.  It caused more anxiety and she came home a mess.  Thankfully, I had a tea infusion on the table, and shared it.  She now wants an infused tea every day.  Thank goodness for lemon grass.  I plan on making her an oil for rubbing on her temples too.  I want my kids to have the knowledge that not everything that happens to our bodies requires a pill.  She recovered and hopefully today will be much better.  

We had tornadoes come through last night, so we were on "watch" for all going under cover.  I just reminds me of that cellar we need to dig.  We made it through the night without harm and got the needed rain.  It was sprinkling this morning, so that changed what I was making with tomatoes.  

If it clears up and I get ketchup canned in time, Hubby promised me for a motorcycle ride.  I'm thrilled to see him so happy.  I'm thrilled it gave me the motivation to keep up with routine exercise.  I'm down in weight again today, and only .4 of a pound to meet my first goal.  The second goal requires spending cash at the Harley store for a new pair of jeans.  That may take until spring, so Hubby can rest on spending that cash, ha ha!


Susan said...

I'll have to say that your life is never dull down there. I hope the tornadoes stay far away from you - although I do wish you rain! We'd be a much healthier nation if more of us followed your path. You are giving your children so many good tools for the future. And congrats on your continuing weight loss - you go, girl!!

Mama Pea said...

Your weight lose, my friend, continues to be awesome! I haven't weighed myself in years, but know this summer either I've lost some or toned up or rearranged what is on my frame because my clothes are definitely looser. Now if I can just keep from putting on my usual hibernating fat this winter . . .

Right now never a day goes by that something can't be brought in from the garden and processed. But that's what we hope and plan for all year so if we can just keep up the energy to do it all, we'll be in great shape this winter. And can enjoy it then!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I am thankful for the rain we got. It saved me from spending my entire morning watering, when I needed to be chopping up tomatoes. Thanks for the weight loss compliment.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I can still stand to lose more weight. And tone up. Hubby has been impressed, and I am still eating those nuts and greens. You are right. Every day I have something to harvest. We are thankful for that too.

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh, your poor daughter on her first day of school! I hope it gets better! Glad you were safe from the tornado(s)...there seem to be more this fall then there was in the springtime. Good for you with your weight loss goals and glad the Harley is giving you both such joy.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Sam I Am, I am working on losing another 20 but it's getting very difficult.