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Monday, August 22, 2016

Island Escape

Well, I'm here to say, Hubby whisked me away again.  It was all spontaneous.  Very spontaneous.

It all started with taking the Harley in for a tire change.  Pretty soon, we were picking it up and going out for a ride, only for him to tell me we were leaving the next day - our first overnight motorcycle ride. Panic set it since I had 36 hot banana peppers to deal with.  However, you can see I got that done before we picked up the newly tuned up Harley on Thursday.

We literally went to bed Thursday night without reservations on our favorite island.  The next morning, he pulled his typical magic, and we had a room.  

Off we went.  

We ended up staying at this very small old motel, at the end of a lane, on our favorite island.  It had recently been remodeled.  New floors, curtains, shower, beds, and we had a television and coffee pot (oh happy day for me).  It was the cutest motel ever.  

He changes his mind more than a woman does, and it was mostly due to weather.  We had a wonderful time recharging.  He wanted to stay an extra night due to rain on Sunday, but suddenly that forecast changed to rain on Saturday.

We checked out, and made it home before it rained.  However, we were up very early the next morning, with three kids in tow, and were heading back to the islands.  This time we went to an island we had not been to for 16-17 years, and it was all about the kids this trip.   It was their last "hoo-rah" before school starts this week.

In fact, our 17 year-old spent all of Saturday night checking prices and writing out a complete itinerary for Sunday.  Literally.  Site-seeing, shopping, and even the places we were to eat at (due to vegetarian diets).   Our 19 year-old was assisting with the itinerary as well.  She has only been on one trip during all those years of milking the goats.  Hubby felt we really needed to take them.

Oh my gosh, it was a long day, and I was so ready to "hit the hay" when we got home last night.  I don't think any of us wanted to get back to reality, but they had the most fun.  They were singing and waving to folks while driving around on the golf cart, taking so many photos, and just having a grand time.  They were able to see all the attractions they could not do as toddlers - 400-some foot monument, cavern, etc.

The ferry ride was however very rough.  I can't remember, even to the other island, the ride being so rough.  We were tossed side to side, and the waves were crashing up on the walkway off the ferry.  You were lucky not to get wet.  The wind was pretty bad.  The funny part about this is that the kids like the ferry ride the best (ha ha!).
The kids plan on going back next year with their older sister, so Mom and Dad are off the hook.  We prefer our slower paced island.

It's back to work for us today.  The garden calls.  I'm afraid to see what grew out there yesterday.  Hubby told me not to even look last night, ha ha!  I was too tired to walk out there anyway.


Sam I Am...... said...

So glad you able to get away and the kids too! That is a cute motel too!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, the kids had a blast. And the learned about the island history too. Just a lot of fun. The motel was just too cute.

Mama Pea said...

Fun, fun, fun! That husband of yours gets two gold stars for pulling you away from the always long list of things to be done at home. And how sweet and thoughtful to take the second little time off with the kiddlies. Good for you all!

Susan said...

I love the looks of that motel! How great that you all got to spend a fun-filled weekend together. Once school starts, it'll be hard to duplicate.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, He really does deserve those stars. He insisted we spend the money and take the kids to one. He said our 19 year-old spent 5 years milking goats and not able to go away on adventures. They really had a grand time.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, Hubby and I loved that little motel. Brought back memories traveling as kids. Yes, once school starts, it gets hectic.

RB said...

Good for you. Sounds wonderful.
I remember when a friend of mine and I use to take what we called "Get Outta Dodge" road trips (although it was actually Atlanta) every month or so when I lived near her - to shake the dust and grime of the city off, get back to nature and just unwind. Everybody needs that now and then.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, I do think we all need a break every once in a while. This time we really did a nice day out for the kids. The islands are not cheap either. It costs us $14.00 p.p. just to ferry over to the smaller island and $20.00 p.p. to our special island. Then you need to rent golf carts to get around, eat and sight-see. Hubby and I try to get to our special island at least 2 x year. To take the Harley over costs us a lot less than a car, so that was nice. The kids still talk about their day out, so that makes us feel pretty good as parents.