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Friday, December 21, 2012

A Cross for Gus ~ Another Tribulation ~ A Start on Gifts

We dedicated a special cross, on our wall of crosses, in memory of Gus.  My son put it on the wall.

Another tribulation....

Tiger gave us a scare.  

We were in and out yesterday with the burial of Gus, and didn't see that our 10 year-old's cat got out somehow.  

This morning, I noticed he wasn't crying for his breakfast like usual.  When I asked if anyone had seen him, they all said no.

Tiger is a creature of habit.  He typically sleeps in different places, but as soon as he see's our 10 year-old, he's running off behind her and into the bathroom.  Every morning he does this.  Today, Tiger was missing.

After searching the house twice, we realized he was outside somewhere.  He had been out there since yesterday early evening, as that was the last time we remember seeing him.

My son (who just lost his dog), my 18 year-old daughter and I took turns searching our 6 acres, barns and brush.  There is a small hole that he can get under the old part of the house, so we all went to it, called him, shook his favorite treat bag, and he didn't answer.  We searched almost all morning.

Keep in mind, that I'm was in tears, in panic, worrying another child lost another pet.  I was not trying to borrow worry, but under the circumstances you would understand.

After calling him from that very spot, and going inside, my son went out to call in the same hole.  I went inside to start making homemade Christmas gifts, and then I heard my daughter yell, "He found him!"

Praising God, we ran out and saw that naughty catPart of me wanted to kiss him all over, and part of me wanted to give him a spankin'.  

I put him down to his food bowl first thing, as he had not had food since yesterday morning (bad photo, but I was just excited to finally find him).

However, Tiger is hurt.  His back right leg is sore, and he cannot walk on it. There are no bite marks or blood, but he's having a terrible time walking.  We may have to take him to the vet next Monday if he's not better by then, and I'm not even sure they will be open either. 

Today, I finally got started on putting together my homemade gifts for some of my extended family - recycled wooden clementine boxes, a box of handmade Christmas tree ornaments, homemade jelly, homemade granola and my 16 year-old is helping me mix up another edible gift to add to these.  

The tags are also recycled items and scraps.  Do you remember me blogging about them early in the year?  At least I had something done early this year.  Phew!

I also finished two scarves for a few young boys too.  Thankfully, I had the yarn for these already.

I think I deserve a break now. . . hot tea and sittin' around in my jammies.




Unknown said...

Sorry for your kitty. Any bruising or? I think you can give cats aspirin, if you google it...

Carolyn said...

Soooo relieved that you found the kitty!!

Candy C. said...

Wow, I'm glad you guys found Tiger!! I hope his leg gets to feeling better. He might have sprained it somehow.
I love your Christmas crates, what a great idea to use the boxes!
The wall of crosses is a very nice way to remember those you have lost.
Thanks again for the box of goodies!! :)