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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dog Bone Funny

Conversation Christmas Eve.  In my bedroom with youngest daughter wrapping bones for the dogs.

"Awwwwww, Jesse's peeking!"

"Jesse come!"


"He's peeking again!"


When we were done, he came in and sniffed the entire floor area, nosing around for that bone he smelled.  He just kept walking down the hallway and slowing peeking into the bedroom door.

That night he crawled up in bed with me and hubby, and literally put his head on the pillows between the two of us.  I went to bed, thinking he'll get up and leave when he's ready.


At 7:30am Christmas morning, when our youngest daughter came rolling in to wake us up, I saw that Jesse was still in the same sleeping position as he was when I fell asleep.

Ha ha ha ha!  That little stinker knew he was getting a bone, and wasn't leaving the area until he got it. He has never done this before.

However, I did hide the bones in a closet until morning.  He's now guarding his, and even gets upset if the cats walk by them.  

....just had to share, as we treat our dogs, cats and even the pet rabbit to some of holiday goodies.  I am sure that Gus is in Heaven getting all the bones he wants.

The weather man is telling us to expect blizzard conditions and up to 10 inches of snow.  They are warning us of power outages as well.  Typically, I am stocked up on water, in case the pump can't run, but I am not.  That's first on my list this morning.

I apologize to my blogger friends for not posting any comments lately.  I'll try to do better at that.    



Candy C. said...

I was wondering if you guys were going to get hit with that nasty weather! Stay warm!!
Cute story about the dog! :)

Carolyn said...

Cute pooch story!
And take care; get going to prepare for the storm & keep safe!

Michelle said...

Cute story. Animals just brighten the world. Hopefully you won't get hit to bad by the storm.

Unknown said...

Funny pooch! Hang in there with the weather, we only got 1" last night...

EMMA said...

That's a funny story. I bet Jesse really enjoyed sleeping in your bed! We buy treats for our dog also but she has been sick since christmas eve and doesn't even want to try one.
Keep warm and safe in the storm. Snowing here also.