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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Family Funnies ~ Maple-Dijon Cod with Spinach and Home Canned Beets

Conversation early in the morning, prior to the school bus arriving.

"I'm thinking about applying for that cook job at the jail house," I said nonchalantly.

"No Mommy, NO!" whined my 10 year-old. 

"I don't think you have anything to say about it," added my 16 year-old.

"But she would be serving prisoners," cried my 10 year-old.

"So," added my 16 year-old.

"Yea," added my 13 year-old.

"She'd probably sneak in her spices and mix up the recipes."


And the conversation continued from there.  Ha ha ha ha! 

I do have a reputation for getting wild with my spices and herbs.  Last night, I made them Maple-Dijon Cod in a bed of spinach and green onion, and home canned spiced beets.  Dinner isn't always like that, but they love this fish recipe.

I regret not taking a photo.  My husband took a moment prior to eating and said, "now this is worth taking a picture of."

I haven't applied for that job, as I haven't spoken to hubby about it, but here is the recipe for the cod, if you like fish:

Maple-Dijon Cod with Spinach
 I don't have the date for this issue, but I believe it came form Clean Eating Magazine March 2012.  

If you can't read the recipe, post a comment and I will type it up on another post.

I typically have to buy 3 packages of wild caught cod to feed my large family.  I buy it when it's on sale and stash it in the freezer.   And they fight over the spinach, so next time I will have to buy even more spinach.  I never thought I'd get them to like a dish like this.  
Now....I just need a miracle in my freezer for tonight's dinner.  I wonder what I will find. 

Update:  I pulled 1 frozen package of mark down organic chicken thighs, 1 frozen bag of garden tomatoes, 1 frozen bag of blanched corn, opened 1 jar of home canned salsa, and 1 freezer container of of kidney beans (from dry).  With some fresh ingredients (and dried) on hand, I am creating a spicy chicken soup. 


Unknown said...

You never know what people will eat! My kids hated salsa when they were young (too hot!) now they all love hot spicy foods :) Good going on the D.D. challenge!

Candy C. said...

That fish recipe looks delicious and quick! You did a good job with your "miracle" freezer soup! LOL!!
The job doesn't sound all bad, especially if it is a smaller jail. Would probably pay pretty good too.