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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sapphire's Story

(photo from last night)

About 3 weeks ago, when the temperatures went up into the hundreds, we brought one barn cat into the garage.  

My 15 year-old daughter, aka "the vet", noticed Sapphire was dehydrated.  We were able to separate her and give her food and water, and she was better in the morning.

She was dehydrated due to two male cats that showed up within a week of each other, and adopted our farm.  The problem is, that one has to find a new home.  He's territorial, and chases the girls to no end.   Sapphire, also called "Sassy" or "Sassafras" was hiding out and not coming up to the house for water or food.  Cheddar also hangs out at the food, and Sassy will not approach the house with him here.  We can't put food in the barns, due to raccoons.

We put her back out the next day, but never saw her after that.  We searched barns, the woods, the tall grass - everywhere.  No Sassy.

Then last night, I was talking on the phone to my husband, and in walks my 15 year-old with Sassy!  You would not believe the excitement in the house.  Praise God!  We were so excited.  She was brushed, loved, pampered, and boy did she purr up a storm. 

Sassy, along with Aurora came with the farm.  These are no ordinary barn cats.  These cats will follow us to the garden and spend time with us, or follow us to the porch and hang out with us, or even venture to the yard when the kids are playing Frisbee or other games.  They even joined us in my "wall tent" recently.

These cats have loving personalities and enjoy spending time with us.  They are very special.

We are so glad to have Sassy back.

Needless to say, we are are not letting her back out of the garage until Cheddar finds a home, and hopefully today.  He's great barn cat, but just not for our farm.  


Carolyn said...

So glad that Sapphire came back! I'd be worried sick. Hope Cheddar finds a new home soon and the gals aren't run ragged any longer.

simplicityinthemaking said...

eight lives left? We are overwhelmed with cats. Everyone thinks they can drop their kittens off at a dairy farm. Truth be told it isn't a great idea because the milk barn cats will kill them.

Unknown said...

Could yopu turn her into a house cat, for safety's sake?

EMMA said...

Oh pour Sapphire! glad she's going to be ok! Cheddar sounds like a bit of wild one!!