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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ice Chips for Chickens

The heat index reached 104°F yesterday, and again no rain.  I had to water the garden both morning and night.  One acorn squash died, and another doesn't look so good.  Battling the heat has been hard work.

I chipped ice for the chickens and cooled them off.  They have fans on them, but they are still at risk from the heat.  

We had to put one barn cat in the garage with ice chips in water and food.  She was dehydrated.  

The vet gave us the idea to fill water bottles and freeze them (or 2 liter bottles for horses), and place in the goat's water buckets to keep the animals cooled off.  Poor baby buckling wasn't handling the heat too well.  A few days ago, my 15 year-old daughter cooled him down with the water hose.

I think I sweat off a gallon of water just picking potatoes.  Despite heat, I brought in lots of garden goodies for a big pan of roasted vegetables and another dish of potatoes, green/wax beans and bacon.


Unknown said...

It is tough on the critters. My girls were panting all day yesterday high 90's, and I had to push the 2 younger ones to drink... 100's this next week here, whew...

Unknown said...

I'vd just awarded your blog the "One Lovely Blog Award"! Check my website on what you can do to pass it on and share some fun info! Congrats!

Candy C. said...

I hope ya'll get some relief from the heat. Thanks for the tip about the frozen water bottles!

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh, those poor critters and you too!
It's cooled off here to the 90's now but we have severe drought and AR has been declared a disaster area as the farmers are losing all their crops and having to sell off their livestock since there's nothing to feed them. It's so sad. Plus, the fire danger is ever present. The little bit of rain we got really didn't do any good we're so far behind. The 90's doesn't feel too bad after being in the 100's for so long...crazy huh?
I hope you all get relief soon. Take care!