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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Queen Anne's Lace Galore

I canned 5 more 1/2 pints of Queen Anne's Lace Jelly.  If I had more jars, I'd can up the entire field of flowers.  We have it all over the property.

It's growing where my sunflowers won't grow.  Despite watering by hand, the lack of rain is a concern.

It's growing around the barns.

All around back, it's growing in the tall grass.  We have to rotate the goats on tie-outs due to the lack of grass in their pen.

It's even growing in the yard, where the grass is not.  The grass that we mow down is brown and crunches when you walk on it.  However, the Queen Anne's Lace is still growing and blooming.


caprejan said...

We are having the same brown crunch problem, ive never tied my goats, is it easy to do or do they go mad. I would really like to do it.

Kristina said...

We use dog cables (not chain), and hook them to ground tie-outs that screw into the soil. We do this one goat at a time so they don't get tangled up. Or you can put them in separate places. We just make sure there is a bit of some shade and water.

Unknown said...

I saw a lot of that outside Boise. What's your view on jelly vs. jams? Some people don't like all the sugar, I just like the chunks of fruit myself.... :)

caprejan said...

Thank you Kristina, will give it a go, hope I dont go flying over the hillside on a rope.

Kristina said...

Caprejan, you made me laugh. Goodness.

Some folks only buy jelly, and others ask all the time for jam. However, when I showed up with the jam, it was still hard to sell it at the Farmer's Market. I explained it's local fruit and local honey and they bought it. Some people don't like the sugar in jelly either, but I haven't canned jelly with honey yet.

Candy C. said...

It is a pretty wildflower and that's neat that it is useful too! I hope ya'll get some rain!

Sam I Am...... said...

You didn't have an email that I could reply to on my blog about the granny stripe but the pattern I use is from she has great tutorials even for the novice and I've featured her website on mine. She's also on Ravely as Attic24 and she has a ton of patterns!
I love all the recipes and appreciate it! I'm still canning peaches today. Stay cool and I'll pray for rain for you and all us that need it so badly. I pray for all the farmers this year and the poor animals although our local critters around here have a big lake to go to but not sure about the food supply. Take care and have a great week! You'll love that granny stripe pattern as it is not boring but you can watch t.v. or talk and not get fowled up on it. I love patterns like that!