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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photography Updates ~ Planting Day

Once again, I have been lucky to find antique dish towels at low prices.  The one below is now being used in the kitchen, along with 7 flour sack towels I have embroidered.

I have one more barn series to embroider, and then it’s off to finish a few pillows.  Speaking of pillows, I found 2 nice ones at a thrift store for $.20 each.  One will be the head for our female scarecrow, and the other will be made into an apron or possibly something else.

During our recent disconnect to reconnect weekend, we stopped at a thrift store on the way home.  I had more fun in that store than in a downtown Amish store.  I found tons of fabric scraps sold at very low prices, embroidery threads, embroidery hoops, yarn, and even Amish handmade aprons ($1.00).  I was able to buy a pair of bib overalls half prices ($1.75), a red and white gingham shirt ($1.00) and a hat for our scarecrow also.

Today, however, it’s not raining.  We have to take advantage of this weather and plant more in the garden, till up more area, mow, and so many other unfinished projects.  I am adding two new herbs to my herb garden as well.  It’s a good thing I must be at home today, 
because our gas prices have jumped to $4.15/gallon.  Getting a horse a buggy is still not out of the realm of our homestead possibilities.  Prices will however, put a damper on my drives to the big city to get pictures developed.

I have been practicing my photography, and it’s been a bit harder than I thought.  Although I love it, it takes patience to get the right picture taken. 

 This was the only bird photo that turned out somewhat good.  They are so difficult to get a good shot of.  They zip in and out so fast.  There were so many of them flying around.  The males are a bright red.  This cardinal is a female.  I took this photo from the cabin's front porch.  The slightest noise sends the birds off.  I hope to return and get a good photo of a male and female together.

Link for a pillowcase apron:  craftster, vintage pillowcase apron

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