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Friday, January 27, 2012

Homemade Baking Mix ~ Vintage Hairbrush Set ~ Sneak Peek at Shadow Box

The last couple of days we have had a thin layer of snow each morning.  The problem is that it's over a layer of rain that froze, melted and froze again.  The school closed yesterday and today they have a 2 hour delay.  

I mixed up my first batch of "baking mix" that will be stored in those two containers you see in the photo.  Last year my Uncle gifted us with some dishes and those containers have been very useful.  The mix will be used to do baking with, and to see if it's useful for us (in saving money).  I am a whole wheat flour kind of person, so this is a real test for us.  If you haven't seen Candy's blog, this recipe can be found here:  Lazy J Bar C Farm.

I'm starting to work on my "family history" projects (in teeny tiny steps), and remembered that Mom gave me her mirror and hand brush set last year.  This set was given to her in 1956 for my Grand parents.  It is completely unused and in perfect condition.  The question now is, use them or store them?  Honestly, they are so pretty, that I may be using them.  What a treasure these items are.  The box can be used as a jewelry box, but it's been a wee bit smashed in over the years.   It has a lock and key on it, and lined with red velvet. 

Yesterday I posted about possibly framing my Grandma's 1924 Valentine in a shadow box.....and I did.  Here is a sneak peek at the quilling that I have started for the upper two corners.  Behind it is old wall paper.  I am using an acid free scrapbooking adhesive to attach the card and envelope.  I was actually considering cutting the writing from the envelope, but kept it whole.  Just this much quilling took about 1 1/2 hours.  I'll update it when I have it finished.


Carolyn said...

That hair brush set is beautiful! I'd be hard pressed NOT to use it. And your quilling is just as beautiful...can't wait to see the finished project.

Candy C. said...

I agree with Carolyn Renee, love the old hairbrush set AND your quilling!
I hope ya'll like the Baking Mix! You could try using half whole wheat flour next time you make it. I did try that once but didn't like the results as well; although, I don't remember why! LOL!! Make sure you do a search on my blog for "Baking Mix" for lots of recipes.

Kristina said...

I've already printed off "Monster Cookies" - he he!

Unknown said...

I made the baking mix too, and found it a little bit too salty (IMO). Works great though, for a fast batch of goodies. I used her choclate chip cookie recipe with that, I would just add more brown sugar next time...

labbie1 said...

Psssst... I always so enjoy your blog so I tagged you...come on over and play!