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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Butter ~ Random Tidbits

I had my own sous chef yesterday, so I got a lot done by 2pm.  Hubby was my chopping helper and enjoyed it actually.  I told him he needs to hurry up and retire. I kind of like having him at home.

I roasted the last two pumpkins for making pumpkin butter - delicious!!!  One container for the fridge, and two went into the freezer.

We'll use it to top waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, biscuits, toast and more.  Maybe use it in a dessert if the need arises. 

As for Hubby, he's feeling a bit better today, but it's that darn blood pressure medication, or a combination.  He's trying to get it figured out.  At work, his pressure dipped to an unhealthy low.

My sous chef and I canned another double batch of green tomato salsa, and one batch of another type of green tomato chutney.  I have a feeling we'll like this recipe better (chutney - Simply Recipes).

I still have more green tomatoes on the table.  I have to share this too...

I was putting the salsa into the jars, and told him I wanted to gift it this year.  He said, "What?!  You can't give that away!  That took so much work!"  Ha ha!  Now he knows.   He even said, "I need to help with this part more often, because you might get tired of it when you get older."

We've had two more sick kids to take care of  - one with an ear infection, and one with a sinus infection.

It's hard to believe I was crocheting on the front porch a few days ago.  The weather here has turned cold and rainy.  Cold enough to worry about that un-split wood sitting out in the wood barn.  I haven't had the chimney sweep here yet either.  Calling them today, unless I can locate a good instruction guide on how to do it myself.  One with photos or a good video, and a list of tools needed.  I'm not sure I will be able to climb the roof, and I know Hubby can't.   I just hate to fork out that $200.00.  Having to pay for our daughter's college has kind of put a damper on the pocket book too.  I'm crocheting hats again, in hopes to participate in a fall craft show (but getting things made has been way too slow).

I had intentions of canning with tomatoes again today, but I'm ex-huast-ed.  Literally.  I might be opting for cleaning the house for once.  I can finally see the top of one kitchen table now.  Tomatoes can wait.  Maybe.

I was in such of a hurry to taste this flounder last night, that I didn't get my greens on the plate first.  Greens will stay warm if they are under the fish.  Anyway, I ground up homemade croutons for bread crumbs, mixed in a bit of butter and olive oil, and some Parmesan cheese.  topped the flounder and baked it.  Absolutely delicious.  I'm trying to increase our fish to 2 x week, but I'm managing it about 1 x week.  It's hard to find wild caught anything here.  I still can't locate mackerel.  And don't get me started about the cost either.  Oye.


Sam I Am...... said...

I made pumpkin butter several years ago but didn't care for it that much. I prefer the apple butter. The flounder and greens looked delicious. Is flounder fishy tasting or is it a white fish? What a nice and empathetic and appreciative husband you have! Tell him not to worry as you get older the kids will not be there and you won't need as much plus my cousin and her husband are in their 70's and they still plant a big garden and can but the kids come in the Spring and help them get it put in and they they get some of the bounty!

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, flounder does not have a fishy taste. It's a thin white fish. The pumpkin butter was made with brown sugar, maple syrup, homemade vanilla, and a few other ingredients. My family is gobbling it up.

RB said...

That Pumpkin Butter looks good. I think I'd love it on muffins. Yum!!!
We've been getting things together for a vehicle change here. Though my 2003 Neon was the best car ever, it was heading towards some major $$$ work, and we just couldn't put any more into it, so we sold it. We got an old Dodge pick up truck to replace it. These trucks are as reliable as taxes. I got all the insurance transfers done quickly online and off we went to the DMV we went to turn in the tags on the Neon and work on getting new tags for the truck. Well, it turned out the Bill of Sale on the truck wasn't enough. We needed the Seller with us to attest to something or other, so we got the Neon squared away, and we'll work on the truck again tomorrow. The Seller is a good friend of ours, so we're not expecting any problems with that. DMV trips - always an adventure in patience. LOL
That ear/sinus infection thing has been going around here too. Seems it started up right after the kids went back to school. Yuck!!!
Prayers yours get to feeling better right quick.
God bless.

Katmom said...

Kristina,,, I too have not gotten around to getting a chimney sweep out,, and now we are in the rainy season...
I think up here it's about $150 for a regular sweep....with no issues...
Oh the fabric I could buy with that money... lol!

Debby Flowers said...

I have done pumpkin butter too, but not for a few years. I canned it, and actually think I still have a couple of jars. Thanks for reminding me - we should use that up!

Kristina said...

RB, the two younger kiddos are constantly sick from school germs. Every October it happens. I try to warn them, but they don't keep up on regular exercise.

Kristina said...

Katmom, our cost used to be around $130, but has shot up to just under $200.00. Oh the yarn I could buy, ha ha!

Kristina said...

Debby, I love the pumpkin butter.